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Super Duper Truper Stu’s Final Farewell!!!

Posted by: | May 17, 2022 | 20 Comments |

Super Duper Trupers Final Farewell!!!💔💔💔😭😭😭

Super Duper Truper Stu!

February 14th 2010~May 17th 2022

Oh my dear friends, our hearts are broken into a million pieces !!! Super Duper Truper Stu crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today! 💔 😭 He was such a brave, strong boy right up until he could no longer be the strong independent boy he needed to be! Even as a Warrior Tripawd, Stu Butt has ALWAYS done it HIS way!!! He is the best damn dawg that we have been honoured to have in our lives and the Allen Furmily will never be the same again!

When he came to us 7yrs ago, we were shocked that such a very good and loyal dog was handed off to so many different people, he was feeling pretty lost when he found his furever home with us and his joyous runs across the beach were a treasure to hold in our memories!

His life came to another crisis in 2017 when he was diagnosed with that D*#n Cancer, Osteosarcoma and had his Amputation, but in Stewie fashion, with the support of so many people and the love of his Furmily, kicked that nasty disease in the arse with his remaining 3 beautiful paws! And when i say the support of beautiful people, i mean all of YOU on! I swear Stewie knew when his blog went out and got to hear all of your wonderful words of support for him! He was truly blessed and so were we!! 

When (he helped 😉 me write his final blog last week, I had no idea that we would be saying a very sad farewell to our Sweet Stewie so soon! He must have known, ‘cause he was nibbling at my butt to get a note out to you all and make sure that he gets to send you all his love!!!

Stu Butt has touched the lives of so many people, he will be taking a little piece of us all across that beautiful bridge to a place we can only dream of!!! Our home has a HUGE void tonight and our hearts, barely healed from the loss of Miss Lily and Spitfire Spikey, will once again need to feel whole again!! ❤️‍🩹 

Rest In Peace dear Boy, may your spirit be running with the wind! Be sure to do some flyby’s as often as you can my darling, I’m gonna miss you like no other!!!


The video below was made in honour of our beautiful boy and Paul and I were truly touched by Holly’s thoughtfulness!


Thank you Aunt Holly, you know I still Ruv you and can be assured of a visit REAL soon!!! I’ve just got so many of my friends and furmily to meet, i could be a little while! You never know, i just might send YOU a sweet little Hedgehog  💫 🦔 💫


under: Sad Farewell to this Tripawdian Warrior!!!


  1. By: paws120 on June 4, 2022 at 6:41 am      Reply

    I am just catching up. I am so sorry that Stewie had to go. Like everypawdy else, I thought he would be with us furever. He has been an Angel here on earth to show other big dogs how to Tripawd and love life. He kicked cancer right in the kahunas! Now he is an Angel above and he will be the brightest star you see at night to watch over you and the rest of his furmily. My thoughts are with you. Stewie’s story is, and will continue to be an inspiration for many. His legacy will live on furever. Sending extra hugs to you and keeping you in my thoughts.
    Jackie and Huck

    • By: Super Stu! on June 4, 2022 at 5:23 pm      Reply

      Good evening Jackie,

      such a pleasant surprise to see you! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for popping in a saying such a lovely farewell to our boy! An Angel Furever in my Heart! He touched so many people, I feel blessed to have been able to tell his story… how TriPawds really do live the BEST lives! He hopped beyond ANYONE’S expectations and it was pure joy to see him LIVE! 4 yrs, 10 months and 1 week Jackie, who could have guessed! HE SURE DID KICK THE BIG ‘C’ IN THE KAHUNAS! 🥾 👹

      The decision to go ahead with such a difficult surgery of removing anypawdys limb is so very scary, but I pray that anyone who reads Super Stu’s story, will give them the same feeling of hope that we had when WE first joined Tripawds. Such amazing Fur Babies, that give it there ALL, just be with us living a HOPPY & FULFILLING LIFE, FULL OF LOVE & LAUGHTER!

      Oh yes, i see him in the Stars at night and in the clouds during the day, he is surrounding us with his love and I couldn’t feel more blessed! We were so very fortunate to have had him come into our lives and we are going to give him the send off of a LIFETIME! I think by the time his 5 yr Ampuversary comes around, I will be able to share pictures on his Blog page.

      Thank you Jackie once again for honouring my boy with such kind words, your hugs and caring thoughts are appreciated.

      Please give Prince Huckleberry a massive cuddle. One of these daze I am going to have to tune back in on site and visit some old friends. I miss their furry faces!

      All the best to you and your furmily.
      Petra, Paul, ChessNut and Tentative Ted xxxx

  2. By: Amy Moses on May 30, 2022 at 11:26 am      Reply

    Super Stu … you were – and still are – such an inspiration! Thank you for persevering and being such an example of living life to the fullest for all of us. You were so handsome and I loved seeing your photos with your hedgies.

    May you all find peace and comfort.

    Love, Angel Wrigley, Amy, and Gracie – Team WAG

    • By: Super Stu! on June 4, 2022 at 5:35 pm      Reply

      Hello Team Wag! Dear Angel Wrigley, thank you for joining Super Stu’s Final Farewell, i can’t even imagine the Pawty that’s still going up on that beautiful Rainbow Bridge 🌈, I almost wish i was there with you all! (but that’s only for the stars to hear! 💔)

      Thank you Amy and Gracie, I’m so sorry for taking so long to see your comment, (you were in my Spam file and I rarely look there). I am so touched by everypawdy’s kind words, heartfelt thoughts and cares! So touching! StuBerts paws were pretty big, it’s no wonder he touched so many lives! I’m feeling so blessed!

      Wishing you all the best,
      Petra, Paul, Chester Chief In Charge and Hangry Talkative Ted xxxx

  3. By: Codie Rae on May 27, 2022 at 5:33 pm      Reply

    Petra & Paul, I am so sad to hear your best boy Super Stu has gone on. I was on the site the other day and read this post and just started bawling. I couldn’t even write a response then.

    I love how you celebrated your boy every month! He was truly one in a million and his loss has reverberated across our (not so) little tripawds community.

    I know Stewie is up there having a grand time with all those who have gone before him. I bet they were all lined up to meet him when he crossed the bridge!

    Run free Sweet Stu!

    Sending lots of peace and love to you both and lots of OP healing juju to Paul.


    • By: Super Stu! on May 28, 2022 at 8:32 am      Reply

      Hello Martha, so lovely to see you!!!
      Stewie say’s he’s sorry for making you cry, but he/we thank you for caring and for sending such kind thoughts our way!
      I had no idea that I would be purchasing more than 50 pupcakes over the years and Hedgies up the YingYang!! But our boy KNEW exactly what time of the month it was when he heard the words “Stewie’s Ampuversary”, his ears would poke up and i swear he started grinning! It was a pleasure to do that for him and the memories are priceless!
      I know and have felt the biggest Pawty going on around me this past week! I know that a lot of PAWSOME Souls are up there with Stu and flying like never before!!! My heart breaks that I can not SEE him anymore, but my SENSE of him is immense!
      I look forward to RUNNING FREE WITH ALL OF MY KIDS, when my time is right!
      We Feel Your Love and soaking in the PEACE and thanks to the OakTown Pack for sending Paul such special JUJU, tell them it’s already working!
      All the very best to you Martha.
      Petra, Paul, ChessNut and TeddyBear. xxxx

  4. By: jerry on May 18, 2022 at 10:29 am      Reply

    Oh Stu! This is just so sad. I’m trying my best to look past my own heartache and remember the good times you shared with all of us, but it’s a gut punch to know that you got your wings. When we learned the news yesterday, the waterworks started flowing and they still are.

    Petra & Paul, I can’t even begin to tell you how much your amazing angel has meant to us personally. We don’t get to meet too many members because of logistics, especially ones who live in the beautiful North Country like you. Our trip to see you and meet the legendary Stewie is an experience we will never forget.

    I can still remember smooching Stu’s big ol’ gorgeous face, and petting that soft, soft fur on his super fit XXL body. What a gentle, beautiful giant! And watching him get around your land so beautifully, so strong and vibrant, is seared into our memory here.

    From the get-go, we could see how he embodied everything that we as Tripawds try to convey to folks who are facing amputation for their furry kid. Stu is the reason why no vet should ever, ever say that a dog isn’t a good candidate just because they are large, or older. By sharing his life with us here, you provided hope and optimism to worried people all over the globe, who only want what’s best for their dog. Words cannot express our gratitude for allowing us to be on the journey with you.

    Being able to give Stewie his dignity during his last days is a gift he certainly appreciated. Yeah it happened fast! But when you know it’s time in your heart, being able to follow through to release him from a body that no longer served him is the most compassionate, kindest gift anyone could do. You lived up to Stu’s hopes. During the toughest time of his life, you and Paul proved you ARE the people he knew you were all these years.

    Two weeks ago when I wrote today’s blog post for Tripawds, I featured his story. Never once did I imagine I would be mourning his loss today. Ironically, the story was in the queue and published this morning. I think your boy had a paw in the timing. And that goes to show that our furry angels are always by our sides. They still influence everything we do in our earthly realm, and one day, we will all meet up again. They make sure of it!

    Your boy is a treasured part of our community. That will never, ever change. And as long as this community is online (furever we hope!), we will make sure that his life story is shared again, and again. Stewie lives on in the Tripawds Nation.

    Much love & many condolences coming to you from Rene & Jim, and our angels Wyatt & Jerry.

    • By: Super Stu! on May 18, 2022 at 1:53 pm      Reply

      Dear Jim & Rene,

      I am truly overwhelmed by everybody’s kindness today, but i shouldn’t be should I, after all this IS the TriPawd’s beautiful community!! Super Stu said it’s okay to feel sad Miss Rene! If we don’t LOVE, we’ve got nothing to LOSE right! The harder we love, the more it hurts! But believe me, the Gut Punch REALLY IS HURTING!!! 💔 😭

      It was a true pleasure meeting you both and getting to spend time with Mr Wyatt-Ray-Has-A-Lot-To-Say was a ton of fun and an honour to spend time with the Top Dawg of TriPawds!!! Thank you for reposting those videos of our time together in the forums, they brought tears of good times being remembered! Truly an honour to have had you all visit Stu Butts Kingdom!!!

      Stewie and I have always tried to convey the best side to a pup’s amputation in his blogs, making a good story out of a kind of crappy situation!! He really did do an incredible job of making the most of being a TriPawd Hero and he let us do all that was needed to give him the best chance of a long Hoppy Life! It’s amazing what he put up with from me!!!

      Yes, it was one of the hardest decisions (one of them!) I had to make over the weekend, but I KNOW that it was the RIGHT choice for HIM!!! Paul and I could have smooched that beautiful face and cleaned up any and all of the messes’ for weeks (years!) to come, but Stewie was not Stewie anymore, it just wouldn’t have been fair to him! 💔 😭 Thank you for your kind words and your support and your care my friends, words can not express our gratitude!

      I received the link for the TriPawd Blog today 😉 I am so grateful that Super Duper Truper Stu’s Life Story will help many others know that Living the Life of a TriPawd is a beautiful journey for everypawdy! We appreciate All The Little Things that much more right!!! My boy, such an inspawration, he has changed MY life in so many good ways!!! 🙏 🙏 🙏

      We have been treated and have felt like a Treasured member of your beautiful TriPawds community! I would never have been able to share the love of our Big Stu Butt if it wasn’t for you guys and dear Jerry!!! You KNOW you will see me again… I will be sure to share more pictures of our Warrior Super Stewie, Lord knows we have loads of them, but never enough to satisfy the ache in our hearts!!! May God Bless the TriPawds Nation!!!

      Love to you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  5. By: David on May 18, 2022 at 10:12 am      Reply

    It’s been awhile since I stopped by, but for some reason I felt compelled to come today. Rocky must have subliminally telling me about his awesome new friend named Stewie at the Bridge.

    When you kick cancer butt as hard and for as long as Super Stu has, eventually you get bored and need to find a new challenge – like chase hedgies at the Bridge.

    Keeping you all in my thoughts. Super Stu is definitely a true hero, warrior and inspiration for all the Tripawds.

    –David, AKA Rocky’s Dad.

    • By: Super Stu! on May 18, 2022 at 12:17 pm      Reply

      Hello David, long time no chat! How lovely to see you!! I am thanking Rocky a million times over for whispering in your ear, telling you all about meeting his new buddy! What a glorious picture to have… my boy surrounded by sooooooo many TriPawd Trupers, all celebrating his amazing life!

      A billion Hedgies to chase David and oh so much fun they will have!!!

      Thank you for reaching out David, I am truly touched by all of the support we are receiving today! 🙏

      Sending very special Spirit kisses to Rocky, Bless you beautiful soul! 💫 💝 💫

  6. By: benny55 on May 18, 2022 at 7:51 am      Reply

    Thewie, Thuper Thewie♥️♥️♥️

    Just like Michelle, I saw this last night and just broke down and couldn’t write anything……..truing rewrite this morning but still too broken hearted.ot gonna be able to write anything Cant even….just cant stop crying long enough to write.

    One thought though and then I’ll come vack. Something I reas that a Surgeon asked his Dad who was declining and then things became more of a struggle.
    He said “How much more are you willing to go through just to live a little longer struggling?” His Dad stopped the fight, relaxed into where he was at that point of his life and willingly gave up the fight and enjoyed the short time left.
    I know I’m not making any sense. You did exactly what Thewie would want. It just wasn’t woth it anymore to him. He already had more love and joy and happiness and adventures than a y dog could ever want. He didn’t need to sray any longer for that when days became more of a struggle than joy.
    Nope, tears still flowing too hard to ake a y sense.
    No words could ever express how uch Thuper Thewie meant to every one of us who got to “know” him and watch the legend he was..and is..creating

    With all the love I can possibly send ♥️♥️
    Sally and My Chunky Spirit Happy Hannah, Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

    • By: Super Stu! on May 18, 2022 at 9:19 am      Reply

      Thally, dearest Thally!
      I knew this would be a hard one to read and not because of your wonderful Type’os 💔 😭
      It’s hard getting back to you all, not because of timing, but because i have to take a breather between all the beautiful and supporting words we are recieving, it’s most overwhelming! 😭
      I LOVE this thought and it makes purrrfect sense… You are absolutely correct in how Stewie was feeling in his last daze! He was struggling to hold on to his dignity and still be able to give him Mum and Dad his never ending Ruv! I couldn’t watch my brave boy go through that!!! 💔 And yes, we saw a beautiful relaxed Stu Butt, once Dr Amber had given him his sedative to calm his nerves and he drifted off in to his Furever sleep with our sloppy kisses surrounding him entirely! 😭 😭 😭
      His Hedgies have been whispering about a Super Send Off for our Super Duper Truper Stu… I will be sure to send pictures!
      Massive hugs and love coming to you Sally, you have been thuch a Thuper Thupport over the years and Stu Butt and I can not thank you enough!!! 🙏 🫂 💕 Cuddles and sloppy kisses to Chunky Spirit Hannah, Merry Merry Myrtle and Loveable Frankie too!!!

  7. By: Michelle on May 18, 2022 at 7:36 am      Reply

    Oh Stewie.. My heart is broken. I read this last night and couldn’t even write. I thought you would live way past your 5 year ampuversary party. Even now as I write I have tears falling down my cheeks.
    I didn’t think I would read this type of blog for a long while yet. You show everyone what a Hedgie looks like and how great they are up there.

    You were such a fighter. You gave it you all. I know your pawrents are heart broken. You will be there with them.

    I agree with all these comments. You were our Super Stu. Fly high and free until you meet your family again.


    Michelle, Jazz, Chief, Sasha and Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and Sweet Snickers

    • By: Super Stu! on May 18, 2022 at 8:26 am      Reply

      Michelle you have been one of Super Duper Stu’s biggest fans over the years, never mind your support of AllenSong! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
      I didn’t think i would be writing this blog either my dear, it’s the last thing I wanted to do!! 💔 😭 But Super Stu was pretty insistent that i let you all know that he will be visiting each and every one of you and thank you for supporting him over these MANY YEARS!!!
      He really was and always will be a brave, strong soul! I see him very clearly in my minds eye today 💫 👁 💫 and the tears just won’t stop! 😭 I look forward to the day that i get to Fly High with him and all of my other Fur kids, such a joyous day that will be!!!
      Thanks again Michelle, hugs and love to you all! 🫂 💗 💫 💕

  8. By: Purrkins on May 18, 2022 at 7:15 am      Reply

    Super Stu, I don’t think I shared this with your Mum, but after Manni crossed over & broke our hearts, I swore I would not follow another pup. You & Megastar were it. I am so thankful for letting you guys in my heart & getting to know you thru the years. Tripawds nation will never be the same, buddy.

    We adore you and always will!
    We salute you, Super Stu🫡🫡🫡

    You surpassed all your duties; please use those wings and come see us all.
    Run free, Super Stu; we know you are in peace!

    Our deepest condolences to Mum, Dad and the kids,

    Your biggest fans with broken hearts in Michigan
    Mr. Mark, Miss Holly, Whispering Purrkins, Sexy Saxton, Mum Sandy, and Dad Jay

    • By: Super Stu! on May 18, 2022 at 7:51 am      Reply

      You have been the BEST Aunt Holly Evah!!! Super Duper Truper Stu has so appreciated your love over the years and I KNOW Manni & Mega Star feel your love too!
      I can see Manni and Stu Butt right now, comparing their Hedgie stories and introducing each other to their friends 🦔 I know I’M going to miss his Hedgies too!!! 💔
      Your gifts over the years have become true Treasures 💝 and because of your love, your support and your bazillion Hedgie Ampuversary cards 😘 Stewie will FUREVER be in our minds eye 💫 👁 💫
      Thank you for your beautiful Tribute to our incredible Warrior 🫡 it brought tears of love joy and heartbreak, a treasure of a lifetime my friend and because you Ruvved him sooooooo very much, he will ALWASY be surrounding you and your Furmily!!! 💫 🫂 💫
      My Whispering Purrrkins is such a very special boy that brought a very special friend in to my life and I will be Furever grateful my special Little Big Fella 😽 You and your Brover, Sexy Saxton are very specail peeps in our lives, thank you!! 😽 😽
      Super Duper Truper Stu salutes you too my friend, the support of your Furmily means the world to us, thank you!!!

  9. By: dobemom on May 18, 2022 at 7:10 am      Reply

    So very sorry for your loss! I was shocked to read this – like Linda, I thought he’d go on forever. What an amazing life he led, a true Tripawd Warrior. I know full well what you are going through….fly free, beautiful Stu! I hear the Bridge is filled with hedgies, and so many of our warriors will be there to greet you!

    Paula and Warrior Angels Nitro and Kodi

    • By: Super Stu! on May 18, 2022 at 7:33 am      Reply

      Hi Paula
      Thank you, I was a bit surprised myself as to how quickly Stewie’s ‘lameness’ deteriorated! We have been able to help him hop into old age quite well up until this weekend… His Dignity was being compromised and I didn’t have the heart to watch him feel any more broken than he already was!! It was a very difficult choice to make, the timing in our life wasn’t great, but it never is good timing to say goodbye to such a strong and loyal friend!!! 💔
      From one Warrior to another, I KNOW Super Duper Truper Stu will be soooooooo very Hoppy to finally meet Nitro in Pawson!!! 💫 🐾 💫
      His Hedgies are suuuuuuuure gonna miss their Super Stu!!! 💔 🦔 💔

  10. By: linda8115 on May 18, 2022 at 6:23 am      Reply

    This just breaks my heart! Guess I figured Super Stu would go on forever 😢. He was like the last warrior from our time on here 😢. Hope you guys can feel the love coming at you! Stu was a mighty Warrior! Fly free new Angel! You will be missed! 😢
    Linda & Angel Mighty Max

    • By: Super Stu! on May 18, 2022 at 7:25 am      Reply

      Hi Linda,
      Thank you! 🫂 My heart wanted nothing more than Super Stu to go on Furever, we are still trying to come to terms with our decision, it’s been a really tough few daze!
      Warrior Stu has broken many hearts with his passing and as those hearts break, he is feeling every drop of love that is pouring out for him! I know I am feeling your love too and I thank you for your kind words!
      Stewie is going to be suuuuuuper busy the next few weeks, flying with his TriPawd Angels, I can see his big lipped grin as we speak!
      👅 💫 🕊 💕

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