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Super Duper Truper Stu’s 4 Year & 10 Month Ampuversary!

Good day my Tripawdian mates!

I hope everypawdy is doing well? Me & my furmily think of you often and send virtual hugs across the miles 💓💓💓

Super Duper Truper Stu!

I’m still Super Duper Truping along, but I’m getting old you guys! I’m lazing around like never before…But I’m definitely NOT complaining! I  get extra special service with my meals, water is brought to me whenever I wish, treats are a common theme 😉 I get my pupcake every month for my Ampuversary and Mum still finds me new Hedgie friends to hang out with.

Ampuversary celebrations

I have sooooo many lovely Hedgies buddies, they are all coming out for my 5 year Ampuversary that’s coming up in July! It’s going to be a grand Pawty you guys, please come and join us!!

Reality is a tough page to face my friends, although i am treated like a King and everypawdy Ruvs me sooooooo very much, I  am wearing down…  my legs aren’t strong enough to get my big heavy butt off the ground anymore and Mum needs to be my front leg assistance when I go out to do my business. I get worn down and tired suuuuuper easily, so my daze are spent laying around in my home with my two brovers. 

A Trio of Fur Bruvers!

Plus Dad’s had some trouble recently and had to go for a thing called surgery and i hear them talking about another one coming up… my poor Dad, he’s been a bit poorly, so please put your prayers together for strength and good health for me and my Dad both! 🙏 💪🏻 🐾 🙏

Poorly Dad!

When Dad was recovering from his first surgery, our family came out for a visit and give a hand around our property. They helped cook meals and do some odd jobs around the house, it was a true gift to have them all here! It was an added bonus that these are my favourite hoomans that came to visit, I was in puppy heaven with all the Ruvin’ i got!!!

The whole Furmily!

Soaking up the Ruv!

And My pupcuzin’ Winnie came out with my Aunty Sam too!

My pupcuzin’ Winnie

I even shared some of my pupcake with her, ‘cause it was really nice that she came out to visit and keep me company and as you can see, Teddy even shared his bed!! (Winnie was making sure he knew who she was for next time 😉

Sharin’ my pupcake!

Unfortunately my pucuzin’ Charlie crossed the Rainbow Bridge just a short while ago, she was 19yrs young, she had lived an incredible life and it was a true honour to have had her in our lives! We all miss Charlie Girl very much!!! 💛🐶💫

Mum has been busy taking care of us all, but she says she doesn’t mind, it’s all part of what we do for our loved ones right! The Hummingbirds are back and our Bats have settled into their roost for the summer, our Barnaby Bear has wandered through our yard a few times and Mum has her flowers ready to go for the season. She says all these things keep her Sane and tending to the Fur Kids Resting Place and flowers keeps her well grounded.

And speaking of Barnaby Bear, he almost drove Mum INSANE the other day… Mum isn’t happy with him at all right now! Just a few daze ago our poor Teddy got a sighting of him and literally ran for the woods!! The deepest part of the woods where he knew NOPAWDY could find him not even Mum or Dad with their tag finders, walking around for hours! If I could have helped I would have been in there like a hound! Poor Teddy was gone for almost 10hrs!!! We know Teddy is a very smart kitty, but we were so very scared for him!! He finally came home at 12:30 in the morning and Mum & Dad cried tears of joy!!! I’m so hoppy to have my Sensitive Teddy home safe and sound!

Barnaby Bear

My Brover Ted home safe and sound!

It’s been SO LONG that I last popped in to say hello to you all, I almost forgot to tell you all about having to say FAREWELL to our darling LITTLE LILY BIRD!!! If you recall, last March Mum had taken Lily Bird on her big plane adventure to treat her for her Hyperthyroidism and in around August, we were waiting to see how her T-4 was doing to see if it had come back down to a more reasonable level. But she started getting sick and not eating and like with Teddy, that was highly unusual for our Lily Bird. We took her for an ultrasound and discovered that her poor little body was riddled with Cancer!!! We had a a few blessed weeks with her and then she finally told us it was time to say goodbye! Our hearts were broken beyond repair once again!! 💔💜💔

Our Pet’s Resting Place.

Miss Lily Pie In The Sky!

I wanted to pup in to say hello to everypawdy and let you know that things are still hopping along in the Allen Kingdom. As i said above, my 5yr Ampuversary Pawty (on July 10th) will be the best EVAH, so mark it in your calendar and I will post pictures as soon as Pawsible! In the meantime, here’s me and my Brovers, hanging out and enjoying Life!

Fur Brovers Fur Ever!

And here’s my 4 year 10 month Ampuversary Celebration card that Purrrkins and Furmily send to Super Stu every single month and then some!!! 💝💝💝

4yrs & 10 month on 3 Ampuversary card

this was from my February Ampuversary/Birthday celebrations 💝💝💝

Ampuversary card from Miss Holly

Thanks to my Peeps for making Super Duper Truper Stu’s celebrations extra, extra special! 💝💝💝

Super Stu’s 12th Birthday card

Pawty Platter!!

“Nom, Nom, Nom…”

And this was this months Hedgie Pupcake 😋

May’s Pupcake

“Nom, Nom, Nom”

Sharing with my Hedgie!

Can’t talk… Eating!

and a couple from previous months too…

Me & my Hedgie

Sorry Teddy, he’s not sharing!

Much Ruv to you all and Massive Sloppy Kisses from

Super Duper Truper Stu, Chester Chief In Charge, Stay At Home Ted, Spirit Spitfire Spikey, Miss Lily Pie In The Sky and of course my PAWSOME Parents!!


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Hoppy, Happy, Hoppy TriDay my Tripawdian Friends!!!

Hoping you all have a Trimendously good Hoppy Day!!!

Sending you all hugs and sloppy kisses!

Super Duper Trooper Stu and his Magnificent Furmily!!!

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Super Duper Trooper Stu’s 4 Year Ampuversary!

Good super duper trooper day to you Tripawdian friends! I have just recently celebrated my 4 YEAR AMPUVERSARY!!! Yup, you read it right 4 YEARS ON 3!!! WHOOP WHOOP!! 👏😁🙏

Mum and Dad say there are no words to explain how hoppy they are to be with me on my Tripawd journey! Never in a gazillion years did they think that we would all still be together 4 years after my 💩diagnosis of 💩Osteosarcoma! I knew i could do it, I’ve told them that right from the start, but they’re just hoomans and can’t help but be Worry Warts’!

I can’t believe it’s been months since i popped in to give you all my latest pupdate on life! I  am sooooooo sorry it’s been so long!! Please know that i have been thinking of you all and wondering how you are all doing?

Even if i do say so myself, I am doing PAWSOME!!! I am now 11 & 1/2 years young and I don’t hop too far these daze, but I feel GREAT!!! Mum still gets me my special Pupcakes every month for my Ampuversary

and I especially Ruv it when my yearly ampuversary comes around ‘cause i get a really, really special pupcake… it’s huuuuge! It takes me a whole week to eat it!!!

I told Mum I’m kinda too old to play with any more young Hedgies, I would much prefer to just play with the Hedgie buddies I’ve already got and even they don’t come out to play very often… they must be getting older too! I still get my bully sticks every month though 😉 

As you may recall we lost our Super Spitfire Spikey in the fall, he was at a grand old age of 21 years, 7 months and 13 days!!! Spikey was given a beautiful place to rest with our other brothers and sisters who have moved on to the rainbow bridge before him. We all miss Spitfire Spikey still, so very much, but  even though he’s not here in his physical body, he is with us every day in spirit, Mum see’s him all the time! 💚🦁💚

In March Mum and Lily went on their big plane adventure together… they flew over to Vancouver to visit the amazing folks at Northwest Nuclear Medicine for Animals (the Iodine Cafe). Mum left Miss Lily at the Spa for 5 days while she stayed in a B&B, it really was a big adventure for them both! It’s been almost 5 months since her I-131 radiation treatment, but in Miss Lily fashion, she is taking her time in getting her T4 number down. If it doesn’t come down enough over the next few months she will have to go back and see those lovely folks at the Cafe again… time will tell and prayers are ongoing! 🙏🐈🙏

Chester Chief Kitty in Charge had to get some dental work done and am super hoppy to report that he is doing great! 😸

And Talkative Pigger Ted is still talking up a storm and still looking a little ‘pudgy’ (he asked me not to mention the word f_t, he said that would be rude 😉 😼

Mum has been super busy with her new job and she is super happy there, ‘cause she gets to see all of her clients from her old  job! 😁

And we sold Toasty McBoaty not too long ago! We were all sad to let her go, but she was becoming a little too much to handle every year. So McBoaty has moved on to another home to be spruced up and loved for many more years to come! Farewell Toasty McBoaty!!!

But i tell ya my Tripawdian mates, as much as I live in a little piece of paradise, the whole of British Columbia 🇨🇦 has been in a severe heat wave for the past couple of months and most recently we have been surrounded by forest fires 🌲🔥! The little town of Fauquier, a few kilometres south of us, has been evacuated due to a huge fire that is burning too close to their little town! My furmily home has been on Evacuation Alert for 2 weeks now and the smoke….! Oh my gongases, me and my kitties have been house bound for what seems like furever! But believe me folks Mum has all of our belongings ready to be packed into our truck IF need be! She has told us all what her plan is and we are all ready to go to our stations, should anything go awry!

So Please my friends, if we can get a collective prayer for a good rain fall and no more lightning, the Powers that Be will surely hear!! 🙏🌧🌧🌧🙏 it will surely get rid of some smoke 💨 

Mum and i really want you all to know that even though we are out of the daily Tripawds loop, we think of you all often and hope 🙏that your journeys as a Tripawd become as Pawsome as mine!

Until next time my dear friends. Take good care of your pawrents ‘cause they Ruv us All to pieces!!

Much Ruv to you all from the Allen Furmily

Petra, Paul, Chester Mcfiend, Pretty Miss Lily, Talkative Pigger Ted and of course your Super Duper Trooper Stu!                                              

💚 ♥️💚

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Hoppy Belated Valentines to my Tripawdian Furmily!

I’m so very Hoppy to have you join me in my celebrations this past month, soooo many lovely things to celebrate!

To start with, i celebrated 3 years and 7 months happily hopping on 3 February 10th and then on February 14th, not only was it Valentines for my whole furmily, it was also my 11th Birthday! Once again I had pawsome Pupcake and I even shared some with my kittens!!

Here’s link to my Super Duper Pawty!

Super Duper Stu’s Pawty!

And then just a couple of daze after my 11th Birthday Miss Lily celebrated her 6th Birthday! Join her pawty celebrations below…

Miss Lily’s Birthday Pawty

Now it has been kinda tough on my little sister, cause she has recently been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and she is going to need to make a special trip to Calgary, a 7hr drive from home and a two week stay in a strange place in order to get treated. Mum has been been giving Miss Lily some special medicine that gets rubbed into her ear twice a day. She Ruvs getting her medicine! Plus she gets real Freeze Dried Raw Chicken from Stella & Chewys now to make sure that she gets no more fish in her diet, cause fish is bad for that thyroid thing. Who knew that it could be bad for a kitty to eat fish!!

Mum has been pretty worried about Miss Lily and will be pretty stressed out with Miss Lily’s upcoming trip to plan for. But she needs to be constantly reminded that Miss Lily will be cured once she gets her treatment and so long as Miss Lily’s kidneys behave (cause this whole thyroid thing can really play heck in the kidneys), she can live the rest of her long life in comfort!

And Miss Lily’s diagnosis hasn’t been the only disruption in our Furmily… We had to say goodbye to our Old Man Spitfire Spikey!! He reached the grand old age of 21 years, 7 months and 13 daze!!!

Mum had Miss Rene make a really special necklace to honour Spitfire Spikes’ life! We all still REALLY MISS HIM, but Mum says she see’s and feels him with her all the time! 💫💚🦁💚✨

And because Mum had lost my Furever My Heart ring, Miss Rene made sure to make another one for her, even better than the first! And i still get my Super Duper name engraved inside!! Both pieces are true treasures! Thank you Miss Rene for your Gift, Mum Ruvs you!!!

 Tripawds Special Creations at the Etsy Store

If only we could all live such a long and adventurous life!!! He did it with dignity and style and Spikey will ALWAYS BE THE LION KING, overseeing his Kingdom and keeping his Furmily Furever Safe and Sound! 💫💚🦁💚✨

This video link will show you just how full Mr Spikey’s life was, along with all of his brothers and sisters he got to mentor along the way…

Spitfire Spikey!

And then we ALL LOST OUR GOOD FRIEND WYATT-WHO-STILL-HAS-A-LOT-TO-SAY!!! Many tears were shed through out the Tripawds community and Wyatt took a little bit of each of us with him! But he and Jerry will NEVER BE FURGOTTEN! The Tripawd community will honour their Spirits Furever!! Massive hugs to both Miss Rene and Mr Jim, we know that the pain in our hearts never goes away, but it becomes easier to embrace over time! I absolutely Ruv that Mr Wyatt gets to howl with the coyotes and run with the deer, as often as his beautiful spirit desires! But most of the time he and Super Hero Jerry will be right by their Pawrents’ side! Love, Love your Memorial Sign my friend, it was an honour meeting you! 💫💚✨

Plus our Peeps in Michigan have been having a super stressful time… Our Whispering Purrrkins, as many of you now know, has been a Super Hero, disguised as a Kitty! 🦸‍♂️💜🐈🧡🙌 Catch up on all his news and the hazards of the Silent Killer Carbon Monoxide! 

Many prayers to our Little Big fella and the whole Furmily. Thank the Good Lord above for keeping them all safe and sound! We wish this for ALL of our Tripawds Furmily!! Way to go Mr P!!! 🦸‍♂️💜😽🧡🙌

Life has been pretty normal for me, my life as a Super Tripawd is pretty darn good, I’m not going to lie to you folks, it’s like being Royalty I swear! I get to do whatever i want or don’t want for that matter. I expect and receive my monthly Pupcake and Ruv when my Birthday and Ampuversary happens at the same time!

All of my Hedgies 🦔 come out to celebrate with me and because Mum can’t find any new 🦔 in our back woods, she puts some of my 🦔 on a Leash and that makes the chase a little more exciting for me! Plus, i am pretty much guaranteed a Bully stick on top of all of my other Surprizes!

I don’t like to hop very far anymore, i pretty much stay home and look after my Catsss. Like Spikey found out, old age has it’s benefits for sure!

This past year has been tough on many folks, the trials and tribulations in life have been made all that much more difficult to deal with, so please know that the Allen Furmily wishes you ALL THE VERY BEST! We pray that you all stay safe and sound!!

I am going to leave you with pictures of my Furmily of Tripawd Supporters and Cheer Leading Team!

Massive HedgeHugs to you all 😉

Much Ruv from Super Duper Stu, Chester Chief in Charge, Pretty Miss Lily, Talkative Ted, Petra, Paul and Spirit Spitfire Spikey!


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Hoppy Fall (hehe, no pun intended!) to my Tripawdian friends!

Super Stu here, still hopping hoppily along! I know it’s been a few months since I saw you all last, but I am more than hoppy to tell you that life in the Kootenays is still as good as evah!! My Mum says to say that she is sorry for not getting me online sooner, but as usual, Life has taken over and that’s not always a bad thing right!!

I want to start by thanking those of you who left heartwarming comments on my last blog. I bit Mum’s ankle for being so rude and not replying to Michelle, Karen and Stacey!!! I’m so sorry for not replying to you! How very rude right!!! Please know that I read all of your lovely comments and I have to tell you that you all have a really bad habit of making me feel truly Ruvved!!!

Life has been treating me soooo well! My furmily lets me do what ever I want and I can tell you that I don’t always want to do that much… I am getting older and lazier! I’m now 10 and a 1/2 years old and believe me when I tell you that my age is the only thing slowing me down, ‘cause hopping around on 3 Paws has never been an issue!

I still love my truck rides, but I am just as keen to stay home and sleep too. Unfortunately our old Suburban got old and fell apart…literally! She was getting really old and we went on lots of adventures together, but she just couldn’t do it anymore. I still really miss my old ‘Burban! 

Dad got himself a new, (older) truck after the old ‘Burban kicked the proverbial bucket and it’s really cool, but I need a bit more help getting into it, so I don’t really consider it to be MY truck yet! Mum told me that she is working on a ramp so that I can feel more confident about getting myself in and out. Maybe that is how I can get MY truck back!

One of the other downers to this past summer (other than the whole world going crazy!) is that I didn’t get a ride on my Toaster! Poor old Toasty McBoaty broke her drive train and she needs to be sent to the repair vet! Plus we have had some really bad smokey daze up here with all of the tragic fires that are burning in your California’s and all the other places too, so it’s never a good idea to go boating in this weather.

We all feel really bad for all of the hoomans that have lost their lives and their homes due to the fires, we only have to suffer with the smokey mountains! Our Prayers go out to everyone! 🙏

I do Ruv all of the attention that I get you guys! EveryPawdy wants to pet an old dawg on 3 legs!! Sometimes it takes hoomans a couple of minutes to realize that I am only hopping on 3 and they always act so shocked!! They all say the same thing…. “he’s only got 3 legs!” Like I didn’t already know right!! I try to act shocked too, just to make them feel a little better, but it just comes out like a big grin!!

The other thing I’ve come to realize as a big old 3 pawed dawg, is that everypawdy wants to help! I get help when I need to hop up into my truck, I get a special bowl so that I don’t have to bend over when I’m eating, I have special rugs all over my house so that I don’t slip and the best part is when I get driven all over my property in the back of my UTV ‘cause I can’t hop too far anymore!! I Ruv my life!!

And do you know who doesn’t come knocking on my door anymore…?? Those Phantom Limb Pain things!!!! I haven’t seen or felt them in months and months now and I can tell you that I don’t miss them one little bit!!!

The most yummy part about my life on 3 is that since July 10th 2017, when I first had my leg and my horrid pain taken away, I have eaten 36 yummy Pupcakes! (but who’s counting ;)! Oh and the gazillion stuffed Hedgies I have!!! I do believe that I have every species of Hedgie alive and some of them are even twins!! The twins below are Paternal twins folks, don’t judge!!! 🦔🦔

As most of you know, i have ruvved my Hedgies my whole life, but lately I have been telling Mum that they tire me out too much… I Ruv their company, don’t get me wrong, I just can’t keep up with them anymore! This is the down side to getting old!

But I’m never too old to get my Pupcakes!! Check out my 3yr Ampuversary Pupcake you guys, it was hoooge and it lasted me all week!

Mum set out all of my Hedgies that I have collected over the years, I’m very proud of my Band of Hoppy Hedgies!

I tell you though, my kittens are my very best friends and my constant company, I Ruv them sooooo much! My oldest brother Spitfire Spikey is still plodding along at 21 & a 1/2 years old. He truly amazes us all! I tell you, he’s going to live furever!!

My sidekick Chester is still a Pester. He gets grounded for wandering too far from home, so he sulks and says he is going to run away if he doesn’t get his way!

I told him i don’t know where he is going to go??? NoPawdy else was going to spoil him as rawten as our pawrents do!!! He didn’t disagree…

Talkative Ted is still a major Pigger, but at least he ALWAYS stays close to home!

And our Pretty Miss Lily is still Prissy! She is always causing trouble with us boys and tells on us ALL the time!

Mum and Dad are still singing together, but because there is this whole Pandemic thing going on, they haven’t been able to get out and perform live for other hoomans. They have been staying close to home and having fun making moosic videos. I Ruv AllenSong’s most recent video, ‘cause it shows that even though we are in some pretty crazy times right now, all that matters is the LOVE that we all share together! ♥️🎶

Check out more of their videos on AllenSong’s YouTube channel You’ll love them, I promise!!

But before I sign off, I must tell  you… this Pupdate would have taken me another 100 Blooming years if it wasn’t for some very special help behind the scenes… My blog page wasn’t cooperating well and Mum needed to just keep trying to come back on and get it finished, but it just wasn’t working out for her. So she got in touch with Miss Holly & Mr Purrrkins and after trying everything she could think of, she set me up with the tools to go and ask Jim/Admin/😎 for help on site… I really didn’t want to trouble Mr Jim and Miss Rene, but honestly you guys, we would have been celebrating my 100th Ampuversary before you got any pupates to read! Major kudos to Mr Jim/Admin/😎 for performing his usual magic, working me through each step to get our blog working again 😉 Thank you so very much for your time Jim and Miss Holly!!!

So my lovely Tripawdian friends’ I will say A’Hoy for now! I will try to get Mum to sign me in a little more often, even if its just a goofy picture and a hello… stay well, stay strong and remember that it is always better to hop on 3 than it is to limp on 4!!!

Much love and sloppy kisses to you all! ♥️👅♥️

Plus very special hugs to Miss Rene (and family), Mr Jim and darling Mr Wyatt-Has-A-Lot-T0-Say 💕 

Super Stu and his Purrrrfect Furmily


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A massive Herro to my Tripawdian friends!

it’s been too long since i saw you last and boy has my life been a ball of fun!!

Mum says that she is really sorry for having taken sooooo very long to let you all know that i am still happily hopping along! Because she is so busy with work, she gave me permission to paw out a blog to you and give you a pupdate….

I celebrated my 10th Burfday in February. I received a brilliant Hedgie E-Card from Mr Purrrkins, Sexy Saxton, Miss Holly and Mr Mark 😘 


In July of 2019 (do you see how long it’s been since i gave you all a update!!!), i celebrated my 2 year Ampuversary and my Furmily is over the moon! Words can not express how grateful we all are, ESPECIALLY ME, I mean SHEEESH, how is a Dawg supposed to get a belly rub from his Hoomans if he isn’t flopped down in front of them!!

Do you wanna hear just how spoilt rawten i am… I get a new Hedgie and a Pupcake every month, that’s right folks a yummy delicious Pupcake every month! For my 2 year Ampuversary i got a really special Pupcake! I can’t wait for my 3 year Ampuversary, coming up in July!!

I know it’s a long one, but if you have a few to moments watch my video, you will see how i celebrated my 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th Month Ampuversary’s…

My kittens are all doing well and you will be super hoppy to hear that Spikey is still King of this castle! He turned 21 years old in April and our furmily couldn’t be hoppier!!! Chester McFiend loves his time outdoors in the evening, Miss Lily is still a Prissy Princess and Talkative Ted is still a Pigger!

Mum and Dad are still singing as AllenSong. If you have a few extra minutes, here’s their latest video, a song by Neil Diamond called “Play Me”.


I must hop off for now my Tripawdian mates, but remember…. IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO HOP ON 3 THAN TO LIMP ON 4!!!

Hopefully i will see you all again sooner than later, i will have to nip at Mum’s ankles and make sure that she sends you some pictures of me celebrating my 3 year Ampuversary!!!

We hope you are all staying well and getting through these hard times in the best way you can!

Much Ruv to you all

Super Stu and his Pride of Kittens


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Super Stu’s 21st and 22nd Ampuversary Celebrations!

Dear TriPawdian Friends,

My sincerest apologies for my very late Blog Post…. So late in fact that I have to combine both of my 21st and 22nd Ampuversaries together!!

My Dad has been hogging the IPawd lately!!! He has been developing this band called “The Invisible Clones Band”. They live inside the IPawd and Dad pushes buttons and stuff to make them learn their parts and then this band plays with AllenSong! They’re the best band ever ‘cause they do everything Dad tells them to do, they don’t chatter back and they don’t need to be fed!! The downer is that they are slow learners… it takes daze and daze to put one song together!

Towards the end of March, my brother Teddy got really ill… He ate a whole BlueJay and I mean a WHOLE BlueJay and he wasn’t feeling well at all afterwards! He wasn’t being his usual Talkative Teddy and he definitely wasn’t being the Pigger Ted like he usually is, in fact he wasn’t moving much at all! Mum and Dad knew he was really sick! Dr Amber, our vet, said that he had scratched up the back of his throat and probably had an infection going on and if he wasn’t feeling better over the weekend then we would take an X-ray to ensure that there wasn’t a blockage.  After a couple of days of antibiotics and as much food as he would eat (normally this would have put him in Pigger heaven!) and he was feeling much better by the following week!

Then we got to celebrate my brother Spike’s 20th Birthday!!! I am totally in awe of my Spikeman… he is so strong and wise and he really is the King of the household! As with every other day, he got whatever he wanted and then some… we all got treats and we sang Happy Birthday Spitfire Spikey!!!

My Pawrents had 3 AllenSong concerts in April! At the first 2 concerts in April they shared the stage with the very talented ‘Stephensons, who play a very Traditional Folk type of music.

EveryPawdy that went to AllenSongs concerts said that they had a great time and really enjoyed the shows! They danced and sang and EveryPawdy had a blast!

The 3rd concert of the month was a little further from home, so i got to stay at Aunty Anne’s for most of the weekend!! She really does spoil me rawtten and I Ruv her to pieces! BooBoo sure lets me know that it’s still HER house! She sits and glares at me and I always look to Aunty Anne to tell me what to do next!

Here are a couple of songs from the AllenSong concert…

Allensong & The Invisible Clones Band “My True Love” video

Allensong & The Invisible Clones Band “By My Side”

We had The Stephensons stay with us for the two concerts that they did with AllenSong and even though I didn’t get to spend much time with them, I got the sense that they weren’t really Fur People. Lady Jane said she was allergic to Catssss, but Miss Lily says that was most rude and she says that Lady Jane just doesn’t like Catssss😾! I mean who in their right mind doesn’t like Catssss?! 😼I Ruv my Catssss!!😻😻😻😻

Oh and you’d never guess what you guys… i went to town with my Dad one afternoon and we walked down to the marina. I’m normally pretty good at balancing on the docks at home, but this one was a little bigger. One minute I was on the dock staring down at the fish and the next minute I was in the lake with the fish staring at me!! It’s a good thing I always wear my harness ‘cause Dad grabbed me real quick and pulled me back up onto the dock! I hightailed it out of their real quick! I hate water!!! I felt like a drowned Rat! I much prefer just hanging out down on my beach, this is as close to the water as i want to get!!

My Aunty from my previous Furmily sent Mum a couple of pictures of me when I was the Public Relations Manager for my General Store, i ruvved my job ‘cause people who came in all said how handsome i was! I know people came back to see me and then of course i would walk them around the store so that they could buy something!

The next pictures are of me when i was a teenager… I was such a handsome pup wasn’t I!!!

It has been a busy month with road trips, I Ruv going on road trips… the best part is that i got to drive in Aunty Anne’s car a couple of times! Dad had to go to the dentist and because Mum was busy working, he and Aunty Anne went together. I get to see everything out of Aunty Anne’s windows, the world is such a cool place!!

Then just a few daze ago, my Aunty Sam and some of her friends came out to visit! We haven’t seen her in a whole year! We all had a great time and i got to hang out with Charlie and Whinnie again! Charlie and Whinnie are so very good, all of my catssss came out to visit with us all, even Teddy came out, which means that these were all good people!!!

I can’t forget my PupCakes… Mum never forgets my PupCakes!!! They are so yummy you guys, i could eat one everyday instead of once a month… and my Bully Sticks…. Yum!!!

And my new Hedgies, so cute… my 21st Hedgie has a cute little snub nose and i got a Hunting Hedgie for my 22nd Ampuversary. I Ruv them both ‘cause they squeak real good!

I am going to leave you with some brilliant pictures of me over the last couple of months and i will see you again in June!!

p.s. Thanks Mr Purrrkins and Sexy Saxton for my virtual Hedgies, i Ruv my new Spring Girlfriend! 🥰🎗🦔🎗🥰

Much Ruv to you all!!


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Hello to all of my TriPawd mates!

I am now celebrating my 20 Month Ampuversary and i couldn’t be hoppier!!! Not only because i got a new Smudge nosed Hedgie, a Bully stick and a PuppyCake, but because my pawrents Ruv me so very much and as each month goes by, they Ruv me even more! I didn’t think it was pawsible, but they do!!!

Here’s my video showing how much I Ruv all of my treats! I know how spoiled I am, I really do and I’m not complaining!

Not a whole heck of a lot to report this month… although i did get to go on a fun road trip with my pawrents and my Aunty Anne! Me and my Aunty also got to hang out at her place with her Kitty BooBoo, while my Mum and Dad went on a road trip without me. I don’t mind that they left me behind on that one, ‘cause i was pretty worn out from our trip a few daze before.

Me and BooBoo had a great time together… i curled up beside all of her toys waiting for her to come and play with me, but she just came out and gave me dirty looks! But then she warmed up and came and sat beside me while Aunty Anne watch some TV.

My Pawrents are getting ready for an AllenSong show at the end of this month… they are pretty excited ‘cause it is a home town show and they are going to bring along a couple of friends to sing with them. Their name is The Stephensons and they play really cool music too!

But the best news for them is that AllenSong got nominated for a Kootenay Music Award! Mum had produced a video for Dad’s song called “Eternal Soul” and they need all the votes they can get in order to even have a chance of winning the Best Music Video award. So if you have a couple of minutes and want to check out the video and vote for AllenSong, please go to scroll down to the 6th video and watch AllenSong’s video and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to vote!

And speaking of votes… how about we all vote for this winter to be done already!!! I don’t like this cold, the snow is too wet to try and hop through and I want to get to my front deck so that I can keep guard over my kingdom! Spring is on its way and with it will come some very hungry critters! After such a long cold winter, they will be much braver than normal, ‘specially those big fluffy bears, I need to tell him to stay away from the house and I also need to keep those Crafty Coyotes away from my Kittens!

Thanks for joining me in this months celebrations 🎉🎊🎉 I Ruv showing people how Big Dawgs Rock it on 3!! I may not hop very far but boys-Da-boyz I am treated like a Rock Star wherever I go!! 🤩

See you next month my TriPawdian friends, I wish you all Good Love and True Hoppiness!

Super Duper Stu, Señor Spitfire Spikey, Chessie Fluff McDuff, TedWardo LapLander and Lovely Miss Lily

Thanks to Whispering Purrrkins and Smart Sexy Saxton, Miss Holly and Mr Mark for your Virtual Hedgie wishes 😘 😘 😽😻

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Hi Everyone, StuButt here again!!!

I asked Mum to hold off on writing my blog this month ‘cause i wanted her to include my BarfDay Celebrations too!! Yup, i am now 9️⃣ years old and still rockin’ & hoppin’ it good after 1️⃣9️⃣ Months on 3️⃣!!!!

Pretty cool virtual Hedgie cards heh? Thanks Whispering Purrrkins, Sexy Saxton, Aunt Holly and Mr Mark! 😘

I got not 1 PupCake this month but 2!!! Yup, i got a PuppyCake for my Ampuversary

and then i got my Hedgie PupCake for my BarfDay!


They were soooo yummy you guys!!! I am such a lucky dawg, but Mum and Dad say that they are even more fortunate to have me with them still! Well, I’m not intending on going anywhere… I’m not missing out on my monthly Hedgie Cakes!!!!


And i got a new Blue Hedgie for my Barfday!!! He has funny little ears, but i let him share my Hedgie PupCake with me anyway! It was such a great BarfDay pawty, even Spikey got up to celebrate with me!! I let Pigger teddy clean up what Blue Hedgie didn’t want…

We got to celebrate my Auntie Anne’s BarfDay aswell this past month… she and i are about the same age now!! Okay, maybe she is a little bit older!! 😜 

I also went on a road trip with Mum, Dad and Auntie Anne a couple of weeks back and i have to say that it was a long trip, but boys da boys did i ever have fun!! I Ruv my road trips!!! I sleep for daze after a good road trip…

It has been a super cold month here up in the Great White North, so much so that Mum and Dad wouldn’t let me lay out in the snow when i wanted, but i sneak out there when i can and lay down in my favourite spot on the deck. I don’t notice that it’s cold, but my pawrents say that i don’t have a thick enough coat to be a mountain snow dawg anymore… 

It has gotten cold enough that our water line intake pipe froze up! Dad had to go up to the top of our creek and cut off a 60ft length of pipe, so that he could bring it down to the house to thaw out. Then he had to go back up to clean out the rest of the ice build up inside of the pipes and within a few hours he had our water running again! Thanks Dad! 😅 It has only frozen 3 times over the 11 years that we have lived here and this is definitely the coldest yet!!! 🥶 

My oldest brother Spikey is feeling much better and still going strong… my Mum calls him a Spitfire!! He is always eating and sleeps lots when he isn’t hungry, but he still loves his brushing sessions from Dad and lots of lovin’ from Mum when she gets home from work! I can’t wait to celebrate his 20’th BarfDay in April, maybe ill get an extra PupCake!!! 😘

Chester McFiend and TedWardo are the best of buds and sometimes they gang up on me and play with my tail… I hate that, so I growl at them to tell them to buggar off!! And Miss Lily is still very Prissy, she still yells at her Pesky Cat Brothers when they come close, but especially when Chester Pester gives her the snake eyes! Food is the only thing that brings them close enough to kiss! They ruvved my BarfDay celebrations too 😻😻😻😻

Aunty Anne made Mum a beautiful blanket and because it was MY Barfday, I got to lay on it but so did Chester Molester… he took it all!!! I tried growling at him, but he wouldn’t listen, so I moved!!! I do Ruv him but he is definitely a Chester McFiend!!!

All in all i have to say that my Furmily is doing great and we look forward to another month of exciting things to come… 

So until next time my friends, keep hopping happily along and Love your furmily’s to pieces, ‘cause Life’s too short not to!!!

Rots of Ruvin’ from Stewie and his Amazing Pack! 


Oh and thith one’th for you Mith Thally, you thaid you Ruvved drumth right?! Have a listen to AllenSong’s latest, you’re gonna Ruv it!!

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Hello my TriPawdian Friends!

One and a half years you guys and i am still Hopping Happily along with my Furmily!!! I know I gave everyone a big scare last month, but Mum gave me lots of Gabapentin and lots of that bedresting stuff and i showed everyone just how good i am!!!

My Mum is so very hoppy for me… she keeps on telling me that I am kicking my crap disease in the butt and i keep trying to tell her that i don’t care about the Evil 💩 ‘C’, I just care that I have my Furmily to guard and my Pupcakes that i get every month!!! Yum, Pupcakes…. How could i possibly miss out on my PupCakes!!!

Just after my last Ampuversary, AllenSong’s producer friend, Jordan, came to visit us for a few days and my Mum and Dad spent many daze adding drum tracks to some of their songs. It was another whirl wind of late nights and lots of inspawration. I Ruv it when Jordan comes ‘cause we all get really excited about our music! Now when Mum and Dad perform at places, they will have a drummer added to their show!!

We had a beautiful quiet Christmas, but the best part was my turkey dinner!! Oh boy you guys, it was soooo delicious! I could eat turkey everyday!!

My New Year’s resolution is to keep strong and to keep hopping Hoppily along and to keep my Furmily safe. Always!! My wish for this New Year is for my older brother Spikey to keep well. He is getting super old, he will be 20yrs old in April and my Mum and Dad are spoiling him with everything he wants… i hope i can grow that old and get everything i want too! I would ask for a PupCake every day and treats every time i sit in front of my treat jar!!!

So hop along with me into my old age my TriPawdian friends, i turn 9 years old next month so I’m halfway there!!! 

Here are some more pictures to show you what a fabulous, hoppy month i had and don’t be too jealous of my Hedgie PupCake my friends, it you were here, i would share it with you… hehe, okay, maybe not…!

Rots of Ruv to you all and thank you for all of your continued support!!!


p.s. A special thank you to Miss Holly once again for my amazing Virtual Hedgie card!! 😘🎗🦔🎗😘

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