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I have a HUGE shoutout of GRATITUDE for Miss Rene & her Tripawds Etsy store!!!

I have received many treasures from this store over the years and have never been disappointed. So I asked Miss Rene if she could make a plaque for our StuBear and without hesitation she said that she would be honoured to do so! The honour is truly all ours!!!

I had Stewie’s Hooman Aunty make up a small black plaque and I was incredibly surprised to see that she had imprinted Stewie’s paw print on it, it’s purrrfect!!! I then sent this small plaque off to Rene, to have her add her TriPawdian Magic and turn it in to a Super Medal to hang around StuBear’s neck.

It’s  not just a Super Medal, it’s a Super Duper Medal!🫡 🫡 🫡 His Paw Print is LITERALLY all over this!!! 

Isn’t it amazing!!! Miss Rene, i really, really can not find the words to thank you for this Furever Treasure! Between you and Super Stu, the package arrived in purrrfect time… On August 10th, what would have been Super Duper Truper Stu’s 5yr & 1 month Ampuversary!!!

AND Miss Rene made sure that StuBear had his Yellow Bandanna back on him!!! 😁 I still haven’t found the magical Flying Bandanna! 🙄 THANK YOU for this fresh new replacement!! Super Spirit Stu is grinning from ear to ear!

Plus she made this beautiful heart pendant that now sits beautifully on Spitfire Spikeys’ chain and another heart of love 💝

She has 3 paw prints on one side of the heart and Stu’s name on the back. Yet another Furever Treasure!

It was extra special because I was feeling very lost without my StuBear in the house. Paul was in the hospital recovering from major back surgery and the house just didn’t feel like home, you know, safe & sound! Stewie was my extra set of ears and even on 3, he was a fierce protector! It was a beautiful gift to receive, knowing that it brought him that much closer to me in my time of need! So far Paul has made it through his surgery with A+ grades!!

I know he is out there visiting each and every one of you, giving you sloppy spirit kisses on your cheek. I know he visit’s Mr Purrrkins Palace often and comes to them in beautiful Dragonfly’s clothes and sometimes he brings a mate… such a beautiful gift to get these dragonfly kisses! 💝

Sending all you amazing Tripawds and your incredibly brave Pawrents a ton of love and hugs!

Live in the Moment… Be More Dawg and tell everypawdy that Tripawds D’Rule!!!

Petra, Bionic Paul, Chester Molester, Starving Ted, but most importantly a million Spirit Kisses from StuBear and his Spirit Siblings!


under: Sad Farewell to this Tripawdian Warrior!!!

Folks this is a tough one… 💔💔💔

I should have a massive PupCake waiting in my fridge, getting the pleading eyes every now and again because Stewie ALWAYS knew it was in there! I should have an extra big Bully stick and a Hedgie waiting for him , ALWAYS A HEDGIE!!! I didn’t see any new ones at the Pet stores i went in to recently, but I think if there is ever a new Hedgie I’ve never seen before, I’m gonna get it to add to Stu’s resting place. 🧡🦔🧡

And such a beatiful, magical place that his ashes have been placed! He has pictures of us (Mum, Dad, Chessie, Teddy & Aunty Anne) on his box, so he will ALWAYS have his Furmily  by his side! He is surrounded by all of his Spirit Furmily that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge before him. He completes the circle between the 3 Douglas Firs, along with Shadow Munster, Keiko Freakin’, OdieMan, Mojo Munchkin, Abbey Girl, Spitfire Spikey, Lily Pie in the Sky and now our Tripawdian Warrior Super Duper Truper Stu! Too many Fur Babies lost, but each and every one of them a Blessing!!! ✨💫 🌈💫✨

This picture is the day we put our boy to rest. He was sent off with a 48 Hedgie Salute 🫡🫡🫡🦔🦔🦔🫡🫡🫡 and the sun was shining for our boy! He was happy to be home and settled. I spend a lot of time down here with my Spirit Kids, it’s very peaceful and I get to talk to them all. Miss Holly sent me a wind chime (you can see it hanging to the right of the picture) that i have hanging in this very special place and even though the wind may not be blowing, that chime will often whisper sweet love in my ear!

Stewie’s 48 Hedgie Salute! Farewell Dear Boy!!!

Super Duper Truper Stu didn’t make the calendar 5th Year Ampuversary, I really thought he would. I even made up a special page on our calendar celebrating his 5 Years on 3! But I know that in ALL of our hearts and minds, he made it more than 5yrs, he hopped happily and lovingly for YEARS and then some!!! Such a strong boy, both in his earthly clothes and with his Spirit Wings!

Stewie is smiling at us every day in July!

It’s very sad to me and i feel a little bit lost, in the sense of working with Stewie’s blog. I have no more Super Stu voice any more and it’s a lot sadder than I expected it to be. I knew it was going to be hard, but i didn’t know it was going to be this hard!!!

Please take a few minutes, maybe have a cuppa tea and watch this beautiful video of Super Stu’s Memories in Motion. It’s a video (of his videos) with all of his furmily over the past 5yrs years as a Tripawdian Warrior and believe me when i tell you, it wrenches at my heart, BIG TIME!!!

On behalf of our Super Duper Truper Stu and all of his Furmily, THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER FOR ALWAYS BEING HERE! You have always been and will always be my very special Tripawdian Furmily!

Sending you all massive HedgeHugs and much love. Wishing you the very Hoppiest of Summers!

Petra, Paul, Chief Chester, Tender Teddy, TriPawd Warrior Spirit Super Stu and all of his Spirit Siblings in Heaven with him now!


“Dearest Super Stu, We’re Sure Gonna Miss You!              🧡🦔🧡”

***Edited to share the moments that Stewie has shown himself loud and clear to his furmily and friends…

SIGNS, SIGNS, EVERYWHERE THE SIGNS that STuButt has been sure to show us.

The funniest and most alarming is Stu’s yellow bandana going missing! As you can see in the picture above of his magical resting place, he is wearing the yellow TriPawd’s bandana… well a couple of daze ago it went missing, literally! Nowhere to be seen?!? I placed the smaller blue Bandana around Stu’s Bear making sure I GET TO KEEP this one! Hehe i don’t mind that Stu wanted his yellow one back, it looked absolutely smashing on him! But I was so worried that our Mama deer had come along and chewed it up and many got sick, so I asked for a sign that she and her babies were doing okay 🙏 🦌 Lo and Behold, not an hour later Mama deer showed up, ate some grass around StuBears rocks, snorted a few times at Chessie and then took off back into the woods.

But that’s another thing see, in the 15 years that we have lived in our piece of paradise, we have NEVER been given the gift of actually seeing Mamas’ babies and this year we have had the pleasure of seeing them twice! Here’s a picture of them hanging down with Stewie and his Spirit Furmily. I didn’t see any of them wearing his yellow bandanna?!?

Three furmily members asked for a few of Stu’s ashes, just to keep a little piece of this very strong boy with them furever. So i was on a mission to find 3 little pendant urns for them and although i had to wait for them all to come in from various places around the globe (Stewie teaching me patience again!)I found the most fitting ones for each of Stu’s special peeps!

I wasn’t going to get one for myself as i have him right close to the house, but when a favourite little boutique of mine called and said they finally found a pendant for me, ( I had asked for them to call me if they got any in as I had found a beautiful one that i sent of with Spikey, well over a year ago) I couldn’t resist keeping this fourth one for myself. In this picture my Stewie pendant is hanging on the special treasure that Miss Holly sent us. STuButt and his Hedgies, such a treasure 💝

“Can you see his Angel Wings in the heart!”

Then i went searching for 3 purrrfect cards to send off with these pendants and after browsing through my favourite SpiritWood store, i couldn’t find what i was looking for, so i went and checked other stores around our little town and was disappointed at every turn! A little niggling inside my brain (Stewie;) said go back to SpiritWood for another look, they have such beautiful cards, i really couldn’t go wrong. So back i went and within a couple of minutes of browsing through again, i found 3 (the last 3!!!) Hedgie cards… Of Course!!! How could i have missed them before, they are more than purrrfect!!! So because i couldn’t get one for myself, i just took a picture and will treasure it furever!

And his box, his treasured box… Because Stewie was to be placed under the Douglas fir trees, I knew that getting a traditional Urn for Stu wouldn’t work. So on the road trip day that Super Stu showed himself through a Raven, i found this picture box in a thrift store that jumped out at me and said “this is it, it’s the purrrfect size and pictures can be added to the top!” And a purrrfect size it was/is! So as you can see he is surrounded and loved by soooooo many good peeps and furmily!

Speaking of Ravens, twice now i have had a feathery furmily of Ravens flying around the Douglas Firs… calling out to each other and really making a raucous of a noise, but I welcome them each time with a smile!!!

I have had a special plaque piece made to hang around Stewie’s bear, but the magical  finishing touches are going to be done by Rene and so i sent off the piece to Miss Rene and her Tripawds Treasure Store and it made it to her in record time! Once again, as with his little pendant treasures sent out to his peeps, they were flown by Stewies Super Wings!!! I will share the final piece with you all when it is around StuBears neck. It’s such a special piece ‘cause it was his hooman aunty that has made the initial piece, with Miss Holly’s help i was able to get a purrrfect paw print embedded into the plaque and now with the finishing touches by Miss Rene, it will be an amazing gift to honour my boy!!!

Oh you guys, i have rambled on again and again, there’s just so many moments that i could share with you all, Stewie was some special boy!!! Thank you for listening to me and for supporting us all along the way.

With much love from the Allen Furmily


under: Sad Farewell to this Tripawdian Warrior!!!

Super Duper Stu’s Memoirs

Posted by: | June 19, 2022 | 9 Comments |

Hello my Tripawd Furiends,

It’s been a month and two daze since saying goodbye to our Super Truper Stu, it seems like Furever and Yesterday!

I have soooo many beautiful memories of our boy and i wish i could put every single one of them on his Blog, but here’s a few (hehe just a few more than a few, you can always come back later 😉 Furmily favourites from over the years.

Join us on July 10th when we Celebrate Stewie’s 5th Year Ampuversary in Spirit and Style! I swear not nearly as many pictures, but a video of his Memories in Motion.

Love from Petra, Paul, Chester Chief In charge and TenderLuvin’ Teddy.


Sending Everypawdy much Ruv, Hugs and Sloppy Spirit Kisses from  Super Stu!


Before Stu joined the Allen Furmily and Furiends…

Stewie’s beautiful Pack Mum!

STuButt is the little gaffer in the middle with the light brown face and those lips…!!

Stewie at 8 weeks old!

StuBert wearing his construction hat as he learns to use his Big Paws!

“Kiss me you fool!”

Ha ha! You don’t fit in here anymore!

A young teenager on the prowl

Couch Potatoe!

Smells fishy!

“Still couchin’ it with my buddy”

Picture by EJB Photography

Our Majestic Mountain dog then found his Furever Home!!!

“Look how handsome I am… can I please stay?!”

I’m gonna stay right here, I promise!

Sshhhh, I’m sleepin’!

“Is that for me too??” I Ruv Christmas!”

“Sooooooo comfy!”

“Ssshhhh I’m still sleepin’!”

Back to my General Store for a visit

Another visit to my General store to say hi to my Pack Aunty Mia

"Such a lucky dog"!

Super Stewie in Paradise!

Stewie's extended family

Stewie’s People

“Soaking Up The Sun”

Daddy’s Boy!h

A beautiful day out on The Toaster!

“I am so not moving!”

“Partners in crime!”

Spike’s making sure Dad feeds him first!

Stewie's extended family

Stewie’s People

“Stewie & Chesters Nap Time!”

Our beautiful boy!

“I’m such a lucky dawg!”

My Uncle & Aunt Ruv, Ruv, Ruv Me!

My favourite babysitter, with Dad

Our Fur Babies Resting Place ❤️

Spike saying goodbye to his little brother Mojo Munchkin 💔

Mum & her big boy Mojo ❤️

STuButt Who??!

“I am so relaxed!”

Stewie is ready for his big day!

Super Duper Truper Stu’s Life as a TriPawd Begins!

Stewie’s Super Team, Dr Bill, Dr Laurie and our P.A.L.S.

Nice cool grass!

Holding each other's paws for comfort.

Dad holds Stu’s Paw after his surgery

Stewie hanging out with his Uncles!

The start of a great new week!

“I’m feel a little naked right now!”

Mum is so proud of her boy!

“I’m looking for the gophers with my Dad!”

That ice cream & Bully stick did the job! Thanks Sally!

Mum & Super Stu after his chemo session.

Feeling like his old self again!

Stewie’s favourite spot in the evening coolness.

“I can hear those Squirrels!”

“Me & My People on The Toaster!”

Stewie & his buddy, Chester Molester!

“I’m all played out!”

“I don’t think I could be more relaxed!”

My Uncle & Aunt Ruv, Ruv, Ruv Me!

Me & my brother!

Stu’s favourite Hoomans!

A day out on The Toaster with my favourite people!

Me & my bro trying to catch a mouse!🐁

“Dang,we lost it!”🐁

“I did not do it!”

“Do you want to play with one of my Hedgies?!”

“Just hangin’ Mum!”

“Wanna play Hedgie Mum? Huh, do ya?!”

Stewie in the back then old man Spike, Chesterfiend in the middle and Miss Lily waiting for more...

Stewie waiting patiently in the background till his brothers and sister are done eating!

My Favorite Person, Me & my Mum!

Me & my Dad on Toasty McBoaty!


“I am the hoppiest puppy in the Universe!”

“Are we going for a boat ride?!”

Endless days at the beach!

Captain McFiend is Happy the Toaster is Home!

Our very Hoppy Boy!

“My old stomping grounds and people that Ruv me!

“So you guys thought I was a real cat right?!”

“Come On Miss Lily, give me a hug! I’m irresistible in this sweater!!!”

Enjoying my presents at my Pawty!

“Oh how I love the snow!”

Napping with my Bro’s

“I think Teddy likes me!”

Pick a toy, any toy!

Miss Leslie is pawforming her Ortho-Bionomy thing me! Oooooh soooo good!

Looking i’m on top of the Mountain!!

I so Ruv playing Tug’s of War and Red Rover, Red Rover Send Stewie Right Over!

Meet Angel Manni Hedgie!

Meet Stu’s 2yr Ampuversary Hedgehog Gang!

I sooooo Ruv my Dad!

Super Stu’s 3 Year Ampuversary Pawty with his Hedgie Gang!

Pawty Platter!!

Ampuversary celebrations

A Trio of Fur Bruvers!

The whole Furmily!

I’m the Luckiest Dawg in the whole world to call these Hoomans my Furmily!

Soaking up the Ruv!

My Brover Ted home safe and sound!

Sharin’ my pupcake!

Sharing my Pupcake with my Fur Cuzin’ Winnie

Sharing with my Hedgie!

My pupcuzin’ Winnie

“Teddy, you already had lots!!”

Sorry Teddy, he’s not sharing!

“Now I’m full!”

Me & my Hedgie

under: Sad Farewell to this Tripawdian Warrior!!!

Super Duper Trupers Final Farewell!!!💔💔💔😭😭😭

Super Duper Truper Stu!

February 14th 2010~May 17th 2022

Oh my dear friends, our hearts are broken into a million pieces !!! Super Duper Truper Stu crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today! 💔 😭 He was such a brave, strong boy right up until he could no longer be the strong independent boy he needed to be! Even as a Warrior Tripawd, Stu Butt has ALWAYS done it HIS way!!! He is the best damn dawg that we have been honoured to have in our lives and the Allen Furmily will never be the same again!

When he came to us 7yrs ago, we were shocked that such a very good and loyal dog was handed off to so many different people, he was feeling pretty lost when he found his furever home with us and his joyous runs across the beach were a treasure to hold in our memories!

His life came to another crisis in 2017 when he was diagnosed with that D*#n Cancer, Osteosarcoma and had his Amputation, but in Stewie fashion, with the support of so many people and the love of his Furmily, kicked that nasty disease in the arse with his remaining 3 beautiful paws! And when i say the support of beautiful people, i mean all of YOU on! I swear Stewie knew when his blog went out and got to hear all of your wonderful words of support for him! He was truly blessed and so were we!! 

When (he helped 😉 me write his final blog last week, I had no idea that we would be saying a very sad farewell to our Sweet Stewie so soon! He must have known, ‘cause he was nibbling at my butt to get a note out to you all and make sure that he gets to send you all his love!!!

Stu Butt has touched the lives of so many people, he will be taking a little piece of us all across that beautiful bridge to a place we can only dream of!!! Our home has a HUGE void tonight and our hearts, barely healed from the loss of Miss Lily and Spitfire Spikey, will once again need to feel whole again!! ❤️‍🩹 

Rest In Peace dear Boy, may your spirit be running with the wind! Be sure to do some flyby’s as often as you can my darling, I’m gonna miss you like no other!!!


The video below was made in honour of our beautiful boy and Paul and I were truly touched by Holly’s thoughtfulness!


Thank you Aunt Holly, you know I still Ruv you and can be assured of a visit REAL soon!!! I’ve just got so many of my friends and furmily to meet, i could be a little while! You never know, i just might send YOU a sweet little Hedgehog  💫 🦔 💫


under: Sad Farewell to this Tripawdian Warrior!!!