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Super Duper Stu’s 5th Year Spirit Ampuversary in Heaven

Posted by: | July 10, 2022 | 17 Comments |

Folks this is a tough one… 💔💔💔

I should have a massive PupCake waiting in my fridge, getting the pleading eyes every now and again because Stewie ALWAYS knew it was in there! I should have an extra big Bully stick and a Hedgie waiting for him , ALWAYS A HEDGIE!!! I didn’t see any new ones at the Pet stores i went in to recently, but I think if there is ever a new Hedgie I’ve never seen before, I’m gonna get it to add to Stu’s resting place. 🧡🦔🧡

And such a beatiful, magical place that his ashes have been placed! He has pictures of us (Mum, Dad, Chessie, Teddy & Aunty Anne) on his box, so he will ALWAYS have his Furmily  by his side! He is surrounded by all of his Spirit Furmily that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge before him. He completes the circle between the 3 Douglas Firs, along with Shadow Munster, Keiko Freakin’, OdieMan, Mojo Munchkin, Abbey Girl, Spitfire Spikey, Lily Pie in the Sky and now our Tripawdian Warrior Super Duper Truper Stu! Too many Fur Babies lost, but each and every one of them a Blessing!!! ✨💫 🌈💫✨

This picture is the day we put our boy to rest. He was sent off with a 48 Hedgie Salute 🫡🫡🫡🦔🦔🦔🫡🫡🫡 and the sun was shining for our boy! He was happy to be home and settled. I spend a lot of time down here with my Spirit Kids, it’s very peaceful and I get to talk to them all. Miss Holly sent me a wind chime (you can see it hanging to the right of the picture) that i have hanging in this very special place and even though the wind may not be blowing, that chime will often whisper sweet love in my ear!

Stewie’s 48 Hedgie Salute! Farewell Dear Boy!!!

Super Duper Truper Stu didn’t make the calendar 5th Year Ampuversary, I really thought he would. I even made up a special page on our calendar celebrating his 5 Years on 3! But I know that in ALL of our hearts and minds, he made it more than 5yrs, he hopped happily and lovingly for YEARS and then some!!! Such a strong boy, both in his earthly clothes and with his Spirit Wings!

Stewie is smiling at us every day in July!

It’s very sad to me and i feel a little bit lost, in the sense of working with Stewie’s blog. I have no more Super Stu voice any more and it’s a lot sadder than I expected it to be. I knew it was going to be hard, but i didn’t know it was going to be this hard!!!

Please take a few minutes, maybe have a cuppa tea and watch this beautiful video of Super Stu’s Memories in Motion. It’s a video (of his videos) with all of his furmily over the past 5yrs years as a Tripawdian Warrior and believe me when i tell you, it wrenches at my heart, BIG TIME!!!

On behalf of our Super Duper Truper Stu and all of his Furmily, THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER FOR ALWAYS BEING HERE! You have always been and will always be my very special Tripawdian Furmily!

Sending you all massive HedgeHugs and much love. Wishing you the very Hoppiest of Summers!

Petra, Paul, Chief Chester, Tender Teddy, TriPawd Warrior Spirit Super Stu and all of his Spirit Siblings in Heaven with him now!


“Dearest Super Stu, We’re Sure Gonna Miss You!              🧡🦔🧡”

***Edited to share the moments that Stewie has shown himself loud and clear to his furmily and friends…

SIGNS, SIGNS, EVERYWHERE THE SIGNS that STuButt has been sure to show us.

The funniest and most alarming is Stu’s yellow bandana going missing! As you can see in the picture above of his magical resting place, he is wearing the yellow TriPawd’s bandana… well a couple of daze ago it went missing, literally! Nowhere to be seen?!? I placed the smaller blue Bandana around Stu’s Bear making sure I GET TO KEEP this one! Hehe i don’t mind that Stu wanted his yellow one back, it looked absolutely smashing on him! But I was so worried that our Mama deer had come along and chewed it up and many got sick, so I asked for a sign that she and her babies were doing okay 🙏 🦌 Lo and Behold, not an hour later Mama deer showed up, ate some grass around StuBears rocks, snorted a few times at Chessie and then took off back into the woods.

But that’s another thing see, in the 15 years that we have lived in our piece of paradise, we have NEVER been given the gift of actually seeing Mamas’ babies and this year we have had the pleasure of seeing them twice! Here’s a picture of them hanging down with Stewie and his Spirit Furmily. I didn’t see any of them wearing his yellow bandanna?!?

Three furmily members asked for a few of Stu’s ashes, just to keep a little piece of this very strong boy with them furever. So i was on a mission to find 3 little pendant urns for them and although i had to wait for them all to come in from various places around the globe (Stewie teaching me patience again!)I found the most fitting ones for each of Stu’s special peeps!

I wasn’t going to get one for myself as i have him right close to the house, but when a favourite little boutique of mine called and said they finally found a pendant for me, ( I had asked for them to call me if they got any in as I had found a beautiful one that i sent of with Spikey, well over a year ago) I couldn’t resist keeping this fourth one for myself. In this picture my Stewie pendant is hanging on the special treasure that Miss Holly sent us. STuButt and his Hedgies, such a treasure 💝

“Can you see his Angel Wings in the heart!”

Then i went searching for 3 purrrfect cards to send off with these pendants and after browsing through my favourite SpiritWood store, i couldn’t find what i was looking for, so i went and checked other stores around our little town and was disappointed at every turn! A little niggling inside my brain (Stewie;) said go back to SpiritWood for another look, they have such beautiful cards, i really couldn’t go wrong. So back i went and within a couple of minutes of browsing through again, i found 3 (the last 3!!!) Hedgie cards… Of Course!!! How could i have missed them before, they are more than purrrfect!!! So because i couldn’t get one for myself, i just took a picture and will treasure it furever!

And his box, his treasured box… Because Stewie was to be placed under the Douglas fir trees, I knew that getting a traditional Urn for Stu wouldn’t work. So on the road trip day that Super Stu showed himself through a Raven, i found this picture box in a thrift store that jumped out at me and said “this is it, it’s the purrrfect size and pictures can be added to the top!” And a purrrfect size it was/is! So as you can see he is surrounded and loved by soooooo many good peeps and furmily!

Speaking of Ravens, twice now i have had a feathery furmily of Ravens flying around the Douglas Firs… calling out to each other and really making a raucous of a noise, but I welcome them each time with a smile!!!

I have had a special plaque piece made to hang around Stewie’s bear, but the magical  finishing touches are going to be done by Rene and so i sent off the piece to Miss Rene and her Tripawds Treasure Store and it made it to her in record time! Once again, as with his little pendant treasures sent out to his peeps, they were flown by Stewies Super Wings!!! I will share the final piece with you all when it is around StuBears neck. It’s such a special piece ‘cause it was his hooman aunty that has made the initial piece, with Miss Holly’s help i was able to get a purrrfect paw print embedded into the plaque and now with the finishing touches by Miss Rene, it will be an amazing gift to honour my boy!!!

Oh you guys, i have rambled on again and again, there’s just so many moments that i could share with you all, Stewie was some special boy!!! Thank you for listening to me and for supporting us all along the way.

With much love from the Allen Furmily


under: Sad Farewell to this Tripawdian Warrior!!!


  1. By: dobemom on August 12, 2022 at 6:14 am      Reply

    What a beautiful, amazing tribute to a true Tripawd’s Warrior! I love his tribute corner and all his hedgies. I can only imagine the hole in your heart right now, it seems surreal that he is no longer in his earthly clothes. Wishing you comfort and peace as you adjust to your new normal – but you know he is still with you, in spirit, and in your heart.

    Paula and Warrior Angels Nitro and Kodi

    • By: Super Stu! on August 13, 2022 at 3:00 pm      Reply

      Thank you for your kind words Paula. If i could have had a marching band playing the day we laid him to rest, I would have! But he is Super hoppy to have his Hedgies and his Medal around his neck. I will be posting a picture of the Medal that Rene put together for him… a Furever Treasure!!! It will be in his next blog page.
      Yes, a massive hole it is in all of our hearts and our home! Suuuuper Surreal! His Spirit is so strong Paula, he made sure that I got his Medal from Rene on the 10th of August… what would have been his 5th year and 1 month Ampuversary! It still seems odd to not be ordering his monthly Pupcakes. I haven’t found any new stylin Hedgies yet, I’ll let you know when he puts one in my path 😉
      Paul was in hospital for 3 nights and I didn’t realize how much i depended on our Super Guard Dawg Stu to feel a good sense of security without Paul here! But Chief Chessie was in Charge, so all went well!
      Peace is forthcoming, the Comfort is in KNOWING that he is in a good place 🙏 Our hearts are jsut trying to catch up ❤️‍🩹
      Thank you once again Paula, send you hugs and Spirit kisses to Warrior Angel Nitro & Kodi

  2. By: wyattraydawg on July 12, 2022 at 4:24 pm      Reply

    Petra & Paul, I am honored to be included in Stu’s tribute video. It was the BEST DAY we had on our trip to Canada. I said it then and I’ll say it now, I really think Stu is the BEST dog ever!

    And now that we are doing zoomies together around the galaxies, he knows it too ’cause I caught up with him and we are having a blast!

    Always remember that true love only gets stronger over time, it never fades. May we all pawty together some day with the hedgies and bully stick treats galore! You guys know how to pawty.

    Love u!

    • By: Super Stu! on July 13, 2022 at 7:19 pm      Reply

      My dearest Wyatt Ray Who Still Has A Lot To Say!!! It’s so lovely to see your shining spirit! Dear boy how could Stewie not include you in his magical movie moments!! Having you and your pawrents visit was a memory to be held furever!

      Super Stu & Wyatt Ray ZOOOOOOMING around the galaxy’s, such a wonderful picture to be had! Oh Boyss I can see those smiles now… Massive grins, from ear to ear!!!

      You’re absolutely right Wyatt Ray, TRUE LOVE IS FOR ETERNITY & BEYIND!!! I can’t wait to join that pawty you guys, oh such a joy it will be to see you all!

      Be sure to teach Nellie all the thrills of Bully Sticks & Hedgies, maybe one of these daze one will come flying through the mail and she needs to know what to look for!

      Love you too Wyatt Ray, snuggles and spirit kisses to you and your spirit brother Jerry

  3. By: benny55 on July 11, 2022 at 8:51 pm      Reply

    Actually, reading this and then re -reading this bit by bit really helps me focus and zoom in on how very special each …hmmm…..not sure of the right word……maybe “topic” is the right word.
    It warms my heart to see all the lovely and compassionate ways Miss Holly has “gifted” Super Stu through the years and now the stunning wind chimes, help with the paw print, etc. She, like all of us, have been hit so hard with sadness, I do know you will hear Stewie’s voice and the chimes carry his melody out into the Nature that he so dearly loved

    • By: Super Stu! on July 11, 2022 at 10:08 pm      Reply

      You touch my heart time and again Thally 💝 but i have to admit, i got a really good laugh out of your Th’tewie th’peak! 😂 Thank goodness Th’tewie was around to translate, i almost missed out!!! 😂 💝 Thank you for these th’miles!!! 😊

      Yeth, the Th’igns, th’uch beautiful Th’igns!!! Holly and i both are amazed at the STRENGTH of his spirit and the way he is thanking each and every one of us for loving on him soooo much! He really is/was/always will be the best dawg we’re ever encountered! Divine is a very fitting word for our boy! 🙏

      And for this reason Stewie’s ‘leaving’ has really really hit hard! He had surpassed any and all of our expectations of his surviving the bastardly Osteosarcoma and seeing him into a grand old age of 12yrs young, it has been an honour, truly. But yes, it is bittersweet and still very painful. Paul still hasn’t been able to watch this video yet… he is feeling a little vulnerable right now and this video will really hit a tough one 💔 😭 So don’t feel like you have to watch it right away either, it’s a tough one for StuBears Peep’s to get through 💕 😭 💕

      Hehe yes, ‘’topic’’ is a good way of putting it… I usually sit down at Stu’s Super blog and just start writing, having Stu right beside me made it much easier to “ramble” hehe! But this time i really had to THINK!! UUUUUGH, it’s extremely hard to write ‘in the past’ about him, I know you understand, all of you understand! This site is FULL of good hearted souls who would do ANYTHING within their powers to help their fur babies live a full and happy/hoppy LIFE! Right!!!
      Whisperrring Purrrkins was the best gift Stewie could give our furmily, I now have part of my family living in far away Michigan, thanks to the connection through our TriPawd babies! These treasures are a constant reminder that miles may be between us, but true friendship is within arms reach! 🫂 As with you Thally and others’ on this wonderful and amazing site, we have a friendship and a love for ALL fur kids in common, that’s a pretty special bond! 🫂

      Th’tewie thay’th take your time with hith video, it’th thomething to treasure for thure! He thend’th Kitthe’th throughout!!!

      Ruv Ruv Ruv you Mith Thally! Thee you!!!

  4. By: benny55 on July 11, 2022 at 6:37 pm      Reply

    Thos, what I’m doing ith taking little bits ofm thith beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post full of tho many little gemth avout Thewie. Touch a loved and adored boy ♥️
    For now though, my focuth ith on the thignth!!! OMD!!! The Raventh…the deer AND her two babith. )…..the bandanna….the way Thewie had you go back to SpiritWood fur that ADORABLE card….and finding the purrfect box,…..Thewie hath definately been connecting with you and communicating with you!!! He. KNOWS you will get all his messages and uderstand the meaning!!
    And no, you are not ramvling!!!! Youactuakky are help is geth through thos ja4d part of grief becawe love Stewie sooooo much!!! He Is making himself ffuly present through you to us. Thank you for that… Know it’s very bittersweet. The thought and love you have put into every word here and every way you have honored him is truly from a depth of love wrapped up in such exquisite grace, it really is divinely driven.
    Okay..coming back after immerth mythef thome more in everything Thewie!!

  5. By: benny55 on July 11, 2022 at 10:06 am      Reply

    Nope, nope, can’t do it yet. Tried to get through this and haven’t been able to regaii my composure enough to let my words flow from my heart rather than through my tears.
    One thing I have to write now though is to reiterate what Michelle said about continuing to write for Thuper Duper Stu. Yes, you must. He will continue to speak thru you and he expects to be heard! We also expect to hear more from him too! When I first saw Stu’s name pop up in his blog post for one tiny second I was so excited to be hearing from Stewie again…just like ikd times…just likening should be…..and shall continue to be.

    I’ll be back , but for now…Hell yeah! Happy Five Month Ampuversary Thuper Thewie! You earned it and it still counts!!!

    • By: Super Stu! on July 11, 2022 at 9:11 pm      Reply

      Oh Mith Thally, you know how much I ruv you, but pleathe don’t feel hurt when you thee me in my video, feel lot’th of JOY!!! Look how Hoppy I wath, I RUVVED Hopping around and thpending time with my peep’th, I got thoooooo much RUV! 🙌🦔🙌

      You ALWAY’TH thpeak through your heart Mith Thally, ALWAY’TH!!! That’th why we all Ruv you thoooooo much!!! 🧡💝🧡

      Thank you Thally for telling my Mum to keep writing my blog! If Mum think’th my lath’t Th’ignth were th’pecial, juth’t wait… I’ve got lot’th of trick’th up my th’leeve and lot’th to thay!!! I would mith you too much Mith Thally if I couldn’t come and thay Hello and thend you lot’th more Ruv and HedgeHug’th 🧡🦔🧡

      Hell Yeah Mith Thally my 5 year Ampuverthary doeth count! I ate one heck of a lot of PupCake’th to get here, at leath’t 48 of them!!! 😁

      Ruv you Mith Thally. Thee you thoon. I promith!!!

      My darling Sally, I am just signing in to Tripawds here and see you have written a couple more comments to my boy, tho 😉 give me a few to read through… now it’s my turn to say thee you thoon!!!

  6. By: jerry on July 10, 2022 at 10:04 pm      Reply

    Petra, I am keeping you and Suoer Stu close to my heart today and always, but especially today because these anniversaries are just so hard.

    Yes in so many ways he did make this milestone! Stu is so much more than a date on the calendar. His attitude of resilience and love and beating the odds is timeless and cannot be bound by the constraints of measure time in any way. Stu was always eternally amazing and will always be! Five years or five hundred, it’s all the same when we are talking about a legend.

    I’m sorry I didn’t get in earlier here, we took the day off to see friends and I came back to see this beautiful celebration of one very special warrior dog who stole our hearts!

    I love the signs he is leaving you! The babies and momma are soooo special and perfect. What a symbolic way to remind you and Paul that he is forever a part of the cycle of life! And that’s pretty funny about the bandanna. Wonder who is wearing it? Can’t wait till they turn up with it on.

    • By: Super Stu! on July 11, 2022 at 6:36 am      Reply

      Good morning Jerry and Gang

      Thank you for holding us all so close to your hearts, it means so much! July 10th will ALWAYS be our boys milestone for years to come, I’m that proud of my boy!!!

      “Five years or Five hundred, it’s all the same when we are talking about a legend.”
      Miss Rene, this phrase brought tears to my eyes! Yes, his attitude and his love of life was and is something to aspire to… furever and ever. AMAZING IS RIGHT!!!

      Hehe since Stu has moved on to a much better place, the wildlife have been streaming out of the woods… bunnies, weasels, ravens, turkeys, one never knows who can show up in a day, his bandanna could show up on anypawdy at this point!

      Please don’t ever be sorry for having a beautiful day off with friends! I hope you all had a fantastic day and that Nellie got to be the star of the show!

      Massive hugs to you all and thank you again for helping to celebrate Super Stu on 3 for 5!

      Love and more love coming your way from Petra, Paul, ChessNut and Teddy

  7. By: Michelle on July 10, 2022 at 10:16 am      Reply

    I had to respond to what you said about Stewie says it’s ok to write as him. Listen to what he says. If he tells you to write for him that is his sign that you should continue for whatever you are comfortable with.

    I always keep some of my dogs toys and special things. Just feel connected. I still have Snickers Christmas toy that she never even got to see her last Christmas here. I can’t bare to give it to one of the other dogs.

    I am sure Stewie won’t mind sharing some of his hedgies 🙂

    Love ya.

    • By: Super Stu! on July 10, 2022 at 12:56 pm      Reply

      Hello again Michelle
      Thank you for coming back and offering reassurances that if i hear Stewie sending a message to you all, i will be sure to share it with you 😘 He is telling me to give you a big sloppy kiss right now!!! 💫🦔💋!

      I have as many special memories with some of Stu’s Hedgies as he did, maybe a few more!!! So yes, the connection is and will always be there, even if it’s just a little smile when I squeeze a Hedgie and we remember Stu having so much fun with them all!

      Stu’s pup cuzzin’ is gonna Ruv the never ending line up of Hedgies, especially when he gets to come and pick out his own! 🧡🦔🧡

      Love you too Michelle, thank you!!!

  8. By: Purrkins on July 10, 2022 at 8:24 am      Reply

    This video needs to come with a box of tissues and a warning because yes, we love love love seeing Stu in motion. It is a gut-wrench and half for anyone not ready to be ready to sob. Beautifully done my friend a treasure and a half.

    Super duper Trooper Stu 🫡🫡🫡💔💔💔🫂🫂🫂
    We won’t wish you a hoppy ampuversary today because I know your on 4 running the mountains & the beach! We are celebrating your 5 year ampuversary regardless!

    We know you are super-powered in spirit and using your super-duper wings in many ways; you are as strong in spirit as you were on three. I also know you are wearing your favorite bandana Mum will have to tell Miss Rene this. You left without a key piece of clothing, and you made sure to let everyone know that you are an ambassador on the other side and will always be.

    Spikey, Lily bird & Super Stu
    Furever loved & never forgotten. You live on in all of us!

    Your greatest fans in Michigan
    Sending extra love to Mum and Dad today; today is a tough tough day.
    Loads and loads of love🫂🫂🫂😭😭😭🫡🫡🫡🦔🦔🦔💔💔💔

    • By: Super Stu! on July 10, 2022 at 12:26 pm      Reply

      I will deliver the tissues personally my friend… if only right!! But because i can’t, I will send our Super Stu to soak up your tears with his heavenly wings ✨🫂💫
      I was gifted with 7 years of Super Stu’s Super moments… it is with a warm heart that i get to share just a few of his shining moments with you all!

      Every time I see your salute 🫡🫡🫡 to Stewie, it takes me back to the day that Anne helped us with Stewie in to his truck and then stopped on the highway to literally send him off with a Royal Salute 💕🫡💕, brings tears to my eyes!

      Stewie and I had this same conversation this morning, he isn’t Hopping anymore, he has all four of his legs to run on and his beautiful wings to help him fly around to us ALL!💫🦔💫
      So yes, Here’s to a 5 year celebration of my Boy on 3!!! 🫡🦔🫡

      Hehe, yes, i must tell the story of Stewie’s Yellow Bandana!! Gone with the wind and flying high in the sky!!! Oh my boy is getting a good chuckle over that one 🤭! He has been soooooo strong in spirit, in soooooo many ways!!! In fact you have given me an excellent idea… 😉 I will add a little section on the end of his blog here, sharing as many of his ‘special visits’ as i can remember… so many special visits, it’s hard to keep track!

      Thank you my friend, you are a pillar of strength for all of our furmily and we appreciate you all very much! My spirit kids will furever surround you, giving you hugs because i am not able to be there and offer healing strength when needed. Especially right now with your Sensitive Saxton feeling sickly. Our prayers are fueled and added to the train. 🫂😽🙏🚂➕⛽️🙏

      We are soaking your extra love in today, it is a tough, tough day, but with everypawdy’s support, it is a healing time for us too! Massive HedgeHugs coming your way!!!

  9. By: Michelle on July 10, 2022 at 6:00 am      Reply

    Hoppy 5 year ampuversary Stewie. You may not have your earthly clothes anymore but we can share these milestones with your pawrents. You deserve to be celebrated. We all wish you had made it to this day to celebrate on earth with us but instead we will celebrate you in spirit.

    Oh my dog!!!! that video made me cry from the first words of the first song all the way through it. I am still crying. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful and great memories with Stewie. Even got a cameo from Spirit Wyatt too. These memories are treasures. I am glad you put this video together for him.

    I get how hard it is to keep up a blog without our sweet Tripawds around. Anymore I just do updates when we have big things going on or our annual girls Tripawds family vacation. Not easy and not easy to do updates when we have no one to celebrate with anymore. ( I mean they are still with us in Spirit but not earthly).

    Sending you lots of hugs today as I know it isn’t an easy one to celebrate (another 1st and a big ampuversary)

    I love Stewie’s resting place it’s perfect and all the hedgies sending him off made the tears flow even more. Peaceful area. Hugs

    Hugs and love
    Michelle, Jasmine, Chief, Sasha and our Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and Sweet Snickers

    • By: Super Stu! on July 10, 2022 at 6:55 am      Reply

      Good morning Michelle,

      Thank you for joining Stewies spirit celebrations. A Milestone this is and it feels just as heavy. I will be singing his “Hoppy Ampuversary” song to him all day today!

      OMD is right Michelle! I have soooo many little clips of STuButt, it was hard to narrow it down to this many. It has been heart-wrenchingly beautiful to watch every single one of them. I swear I’ve lost 5lbs in tears!!!

      It’s very weird to be on here as Petra and not “Mum”! I hear his voice in my head right now telling me that i can still write crazy if I want, but it’s just not the same! I figure when i find a few good pictures of Stewie, ones that you may not have seen before, i will add it to his blog page for sure.

      My sister-in-law’s dog has taken a liking to Hedgies, I figure Stu told him that “Hedgies are the best evah dude”, so he will be gifted a few of Stu’s Hedgies, but I KNOW i am going to have to keep a few for myself!

      Thanks for the hugs Michelle, today is turning out to be a lot tougher than i expected!

      Hugs and love coming back to you all, both there with you in earthly clothes and add spirit kisses to those up in heaven with my boy!

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