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Super Duper Stu’s Memoirs

Posted by: | June 19, 2022 | 9 Comments |

Hello my Tripawd Furiends,

It’s been a month and two daze since saying goodbye to our Super Truper Stu, it seems like Furever and Yesterday!

I have soooo many beautiful memories of our boy and i wish i could put every single one of them on his Blog, but here’s a few (hehe just a few more than a few, you can always come back later 😉 Furmily favourites from over the years.

Join us on July 10th when we Celebrate Stewie’s 5th Year Ampuversary in Spirit and Style! I swear not nearly as many pictures, but a video of his Memories in Motion.

Love from Petra, Paul, Chester Chief In charge and TenderLuvin’ Teddy.


Sending Everypawdy much Ruv, Hugs and Sloppy Spirit Kisses from  Super Stu!


Before Stu joined the Allen Furmily and Furiends…

Stewie’s beautiful Pack Mum!

STuButt is the little gaffer in the middle with the light brown face and those lips…!!

Stewie at 8 weeks old!

StuBert wearing his construction hat as he learns to use his Big Paws!

“Kiss me you fool!”

Ha ha! You don’t fit in here anymore!

A young teenager on the prowl

Couch Potatoe!

Smells fishy!

“Still couchin’ it with my buddy”

Picture by EJB Photography

Our Majestic Mountain dog then found his Furever Home!!!

“Look how handsome I am… can I please stay?!”

I’m gonna stay right here, I promise!

Sshhhh, I’m sleepin’!

“Is that for me too??” I Ruv Christmas!”

“Sooooooo comfy!”

“Ssshhhh I’m still sleepin’!”

Back to my General Store for a visit

Another visit to my General store to say hi to my Pack Aunty Mia

"Such a lucky dog"!

Super Stewie in Paradise!

Stewie's extended family

Stewie’s People

“Soaking Up The Sun”

Daddy’s Boy!h

A beautiful day out on The Toaster!

“I am so not moving!”

“Partners in crime!”

Spike’s making sure Dad feeds him first!

Stewie's extended family

Stewie’s People

“Stewie & Chesters Nap Time!”

Our beautiful boy!

“I’m such a lucky dawg!”

My Uncle & Aunt Ruv, Ruv, Ruv Me!

My favourite babysitter, with Dad

Our Fur Babies Resting Place ❤️

Spike saying goodbye to his little brother Mojo Munchkin 💔

Mum & her big boy Mojo ❤️

STuButt Who??!

“I am so relaxed!”

Stewie is ready for his big day!

Super Duper Truper Stu’s Life as a TriPawd Begins!

Stewie’s Super Team, Dr Bill, Dr Laurie and our P.A.L.S.

Nice cool grass!

Holding each other's paws for comfort.

Dad holds Stu’s Paw after his surgery

Stewie hanging out with his Uncles!

The start of a great new week!

“I’m feel a little naked right now!”

Mum is so proud of her boy!

“I’m looking for the gophers with my Dad!”

That ice cream & Bully stick did the job! Thanks Sally!

Mum & Super Stu after his chemo session.

Feeling like his old self again!

Stewie’s favourite spot in the evening coolness.

“I can hear those Squirrels!”

“Me & My People on The Toaster!”

Stewie & his buddy, Chester Molester!

“I’m all played out!”

“I don’t think I could be more relaxed!”

My Uncle & Aunt Ruv, Ruv, Ruv Me!

Me & my brother!

Stu’s favourite Hoomans!

A day out on The Toaster with my favourite people!

Me & my bro trying to catch a mouse!🐁

“Dang,we lost it!”🐁

“I did not do it!”

“Do you want to play with one of my Hedgies?!”

“Just hangin’ Mum!”

“Wanna play Hedgie Mum? Huh, do ya?!”

Stewie in the back then old man Spike, Chesterfiend in the middle and Miss Lily waiting for more...

Stewie waiting patiently in the background till his brothers and sister are done eating!

My Favorite Person, Me & my Mum!

Me & my Dad on Toasty McBoaty!


“I am the hoppiest puppy in the Universe!”

“Are we going for a boat ride?!”

Endless days at the beach!

Captain McFiend is Happy the Toaster is Home!

Our very Hoppy Boy!

“My old stomping grounds and people that Ruv me!

“So you guys thought I was a real cat right?!”

“Come On Miss Lily, give me a hug! I’m irresistible in this sweater!!!”

Enjoying my presents at my Pawty!

“Oh how I love the snow!”

Napping with my Bro’s

“I think Teddy likes me!”

Pick a toy, any toy!

Miss Leslie is pawforming her Ortho-Bionomy thing me! Oooooh soooo good!

Looking i’m on top of the Mountain!!

I so Ruv playing Tug’s of War and Red Rover, Red Rover Send Stewie Right Over!

Meet Angel Manni Hedgie!

Meet Stu’s 2yr Ampuversary Hedgehog Gang!

I sooooo Ruv my Dad!

Super Stu’s 3 Year Ampuversary Pawty with his Hedgie Gang!

Pawty Platter!!

Ampuversary celebrations

A Trio of Fur Bruvers!

The whole Furmily!

I’m the Luckiest Dawg in the whole world to call these Hoomans my Furmily!

Soaking up the Ruv!

My Brover Ted home safe and sound!

Sharin’ my pupcake!

Sharing my Pupcake with my Fur Cuzin’ Winnie

Sharing with my Hedgie!

My pupcuzin’ Winnie

“Teddy, you already had lots!!”

Sorry Teddy, he’s not sharing!

“Now I’m full!”

Me & my Hedgie

under: Sad Farewell to this Tripawdian Warrior!!!


  1. By: benny55 on June 21, 2022 at 8:44 pm      Reply

    You are somkind to take time to reply with such thought and heart to each of us. Not a surprise though because that’s who you are.
    Although bittersweet, I’m glad you got to see “the Divine light of love and grace” surround Thewie to help guide him home “that” day. Just more proof that Thewie’s light is eternal.
    Yes, we feel his love and we know he feels ours.
    With love and light .
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. By: jerry on June 20, 2022 at 4:16 pm      Reply

    Awwwwwww. I’m so glad you shared so many beautiful, unforgettable memories with us!

    Stu was always such a charmer, a handsome, laid-back boy who was always ready to show the world that life isn’t any fun without the people and critters you love nearby. He always had such a gentle, loving look in his eyes. Even as a young dog he didn’t have that wild-eyed look most puppies walk around with for a long time. He was born sweet and gentle!

    We miss him dearly, I know you do too. The waterworks are flowing but our hearts are filled with gratitude for even just being able to have met your sweet, sweet giant.

    Love you guys!

    • By: Super Stu! on June 20, 2022 at 10:28 pm      Reply

      Oh Jerry, you do know it’s because of your Brave Spirit that we get to treasure these memories in a lifetime blog! And not just any blog, being part of your incredible community has been a true honour, thank you!!!

      There have been a LOT of unusual critters around the house over the past week… I guess Stewie invited a few more Furiends in Celebrating his Amazing Life, along with his 48 Hedgie Furiends, we had a visit from a little bunny, a beautiful buck and his deer and a very nosy Weasel! His sweet gentle soul extended around the world, even in to a Weasels world! He Ruvved everypawdy, with very few exceptions and everypawdy Ruvved him!

      The valve on the waterworks is working a little better lately, but seems to falter when i read these heart warming messages from some very dear friends! Thank you all so very much our gratitude is huge! 🙏

      Love you too my friends! See you again soon.

  3. By: Michelle on June 20, 2022 at 7:58 am      Reply

    I love everyone of these treasured memories. Thank you for sharing these with us. I still can’t believe he is gone. I figured he would make it way past 5 years. He just seemed like the energizer bunny.
    Sending lots of hugs and love your way

    Michelle & Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and Sweet Snickers

    • By: Super Stu! on June 20, 2022 at 10:18 pm      Reply

      I’m so grateful to you all for taking the time to see Stu’s pictures, i knew it was a LOT of pictures, but really i couldn’t not put them all in. I have soooo many more, but i had to draw the Line somewhere! Hehe.

      He really was an amazing boy and yes, i also thought (hoped) he would go on furever and a day! Unfortunately like the Energizer bunny… their hearts are strong, but their bodies get rusty and eventually fail. I am missing him sooooooo much, but grateful every day for his gift!

      Thank you Michelle, you have been Stu’s constant cheerleader over the years and your support is and always will be appreciated, truly appreciated! Massive hugs and love to you and your sweet angels!

      I guess that’s why i am so very grateful for this place where i can basically tell Stu’s story and show the world how amazing he truly was! Unfortunately

  4. By: Purrkins on June 20, 2022 at 5:38 am      Reply

    I love seeing all these treasure 💝💝💝 photos of Stu growing up he won the lottery the day you brought him home. Each day after his life was glorious it always shows in his pics, all the love his family, furmily and fun times his never ending grin:) You gave Stewie a life he could have never dreamed pawsible!!!

    Amazing how Stu changed thru the years, isn’t it. He sure did grow into those massive paws.

    I can only imagine how hard this post was, my friend. It is lovely and heartbreaking both to look thru all these pics. We celebrate you, SUPER Dooper Trooper STU !!!

    Super Stu, your life was a blessing, Your memory a treasure. You are LOVED beyond words and MISSED beyond measure!!!🫡🫡🫡

    We are sending massive hedgehugs and love to you all! Smooches to the 3 boys, please 😉

    Fueling the prayer train for Paul’s treatment today.

    • By: Super Stu! on June 20, 2022 at 10:08 pm      Reply

      My darling friend, we sure feel like we were the winners of the lottery when Stu decided he wanted to stay and yes, i do also think he felt the same way! These beautiful treasures show how happy and hoppy he was to be here! The Good Lord made sure it happened, no luck involved, it was pure fate! 🙏

      Oh how he grew into those paws and such beautiful BIG paws they were! My extra large nail clippers were only just big enough! He was such a handsome boy at every stage of his life and i think he was fully aware of this fact and played it to the max! 😁 😘 We thank YOU, all four of you for celebrating Stu’s Life along side us, your support is immeasurable! Thank you my friend! Thank you 🫂 💝

      Hehe, We Ruv HedgeHugs! HedgeHugs are the BEST kind of Hugs! 🦔 🧡🦔🫡

      Keep sending that extra fuel sweetheart, we’re going to need it! 🙏 ⛽️ 💪🏻 🙏
      Much love to you all!

  5. By: benny55 on June 19, 2022 at 8:52 pm      Reply

    Every single photo is auch a treasure chock full of soooo many memories. I spent time on each photo sacpring all the wonderful times uou had…we had… his furmilyn had with this gentle Soul. Such a gentle Apul. He loved giving love and he loved veing loved. And goodness knows he was loved.

    It was so mich fun seeing him as a puppy!!! OMD! Soooo cute, sooo cuddly💖

    Even though we know he grew I into a big dog, until you see that giant head close up sitting next to his hoomans……his massiveness really stands out!!
    There was one photo where he was laying outside in the snow. He was framed in the background with a path of trees that led to the sun shining behind him….almost as though it was bathing him in light….that just seemed so symbolic to me of THEWIE being light. There was another one with him sitting and the sun bright a bright light to his face….just on his face and actually a bit of his chest….very poignant.
    It was fu. To see more of the toaster from the I side. Quite a spacious and cozy little place for THEWIE to be with all his favorite hoomans.
    And what a gentleman. He would lay patiently while Spike and kitties ate their meals without bouncing on their bowls. Auch a good pupper!
    I know not Wis bitterzweat, yet warmed your hearts to chronicle just a small smidgen of the gloriously happy earth life Stewie had with you. I know I smiled and somrtimes had a few tears aside ot to travel this joirney with Super Stu. I miss him too. We all do who had the privilege of getting to know him.
    In fact, I found it still too painful to go to his post in the forums. I just felt so damn I adequate in trying to tell you how mich Stewie meant to is. And definitely inadequate min finding any words to TRY and bring you comfort. I remember reading on of your “reply” posts and expressing so eloquently basically how dark your world has been. How your heart aches. Basically how your world stopped. And we all furev with you. I promise.
    Your love is so strong and you carried Stu in your heart with each picture you posted, every memory you revisited. Through your love you found the courage to step out of the darkness into the light….into Stewie’s light. AMD that jas veen a gift to is all to see the non stop happy and lpvi g lofe THEWIE had every single second of his earth life.
    Wish I could express in the strongest way possible what an ongoing inspawration Stewie will always be here.One thing for sure, whether with four legs or three, Thewie was, and will always be, a Goodwill ,Ambassador for “Big Dog Gentleness “.. You have shown everyo e the power of a lpving family that I cludes (or centers around ) a dog….and some cats too!.
    It ,means the world to is that you pit so much of your heart and Soul into each photo/memory you shared with us.
    While Stewoe’s earth life may have transformed to Spirit Energy life, he will furever be present with us. I m ow uou jave already felt his presence in so many different ways. I would guess especially when you are out on the deck looking for Gophers or feeling the breeze from the beautiful mountains. Yeah, Super Stu surrounds you always.
    Olay, I’m goi g to go back and immerse myself in all the happiness Stu experienced and all the happiness he brought to all of us by jist being Stewie.Wif
    mathive amounth of ruv to you alwathn Thuper Thewie

    • By: Super Stu! on June 20, 2022 at 9:57 pm      Reply

      Thally, dearest Thally,

      It’s like receiving a hug directly from you when you send your love in Stu’s blogs! Thank you! 🫂 💕

      Our boy was such a good gentle soul for sure! He is also one of the strongest spirits (besides Spikey 😉 I have felt surround me! The messages he sends me are loud and clear and his reassurances have been a blessing over the past month without him here by our side! You KNOW he is feeling all of our love and will be sending it back tenfold, you can be certain of it Miss Thally!

      We sure wish we had Stewie from a puppy, he really was bloody adorable looking wasn’t he! We are more than grateful for the years he blessed us with 🙏 We prayed for at least one more year after his diagnosis with Osteosarcoma, hoping that his large body could handle the massive surgery… almost 5 years later we said goodbye to our boy, not because that nasty beast cancer got him… no, no no, our boy went out with Grace and Old age, Stu’s way! What more could this furmily ask for!

      I know exactly which pictures you are referring to Thally, without even looking. I felt the same way about the light shining on Super Stu in many different pictures, but the one in the snowy driveway is very special to me. In fact the light shone down on Stu the day we drove him to the vets, his head was resting on my leg in the back of the truck and the sun came out and shone down on him in such a beautiful way, i couldn’t resist taking a picture. I will be sure to add this picture to this collection. I think i can now, it’s a heartbreaking picture for me to look at.

      Oh how Thtewie Ruvved his Toaster Miss Thally! He owned it when he was on board, we were merely his Galley Servants! Hehe! I love the digital world for the simple fact that without it, i wouldn’t be blessed to have all of these magnificent pictures of our boy! Soooooo many good memories that will be here for everyone to see for many more years to come! TriPawds nation is so much more than a helping hand when we need it, it is a community of love and friendship in a common cause… COMPLETE AND UTTER LOVE FOR OUR FUR BABIES!

      There has been nothing “inadequate” about the love you share for Stu, your words touch my heart and I really want you to know that you are a very special hooman to us here in the Allen Furmily and we have soooooo appreciated your support over these many years! I feel that my Furmily have been blessed to have been embraced in the TriPawd community and you are a huge part of it! Thank you my friend, thank you!

      It has been a very bitter and sweet experience, going through all of Stu’s pictures and seeing his beautiful eyes staring back at me, it pains my heart not to be able to give him a big nose schnoggin’ and wrap my arms around his big beautiful body, but i find solace in doing all these little things for him… setting up his resting place just purrrfect, making sure his 48 Hedgies were all there to see him off, collecting all the little treasures to share with his favourite hoomans and getting his specail picture on to our Wall of Fame have been ‘settling’ if you know what i mean. A month was enough time to make sure my heart was ready to see him off, we were given very little notice, our goodbyes were far too short!!! Our very special treasure will be the book i make to show off his beautiful blog! It’s in the works and i will be looking forward to showing you the end result.

      I see my Spirits’ eyes in the clouds Miss Thally and Thtewie is Thinging Loud & Clear through his special Wind Chime and Crystal heart…

      We are feeling your love tonight my darling and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! See you again soon

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