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Meet Stewie and His Furever Furmily

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Hi Folks

My name is Stewie and I was born in February, 2010. My Hoomans have told me that my parents were a mix of Bernese Mountain dog, Rottweiler & Retriever.

Super Stu Mountain Dog!

Meet Super Stu’s Mummy.

Me as a baby, right smack in the middle!

I think i ate too much ice cream!

Ever since I can remember, I have been told that I am sooooo adorable! I have been loved by all, but tamed by few! I am a very smart boy and I know that with one of my many doe eyed looks, I could pretty muchg get away with anything!

These lips were made for kisses… who wants one?!

I will always remember & be forever grateful to my first home with my Hoomans, Aunty Sandy & Aunty Val. Not only did they introduce me to the wonderful world of  true hooman love and treats, but they have always had open arms when I needed to come back to them. The bonus was that whenever I wanted, I would jump over my fence and trot downtown, to my Aunty Val’s store. She would always let me hang out in the back room while she was working. I would also go and visit my Aunty Sandy at her work. Her bosses usually let me stay for a visit.

You see,  even though I am the most lovable dog in the world to most hoomans, I wasn’t told how to behave around other animals. Whether it was to play a little more gently, or to stop when I felt the urge to run after something. (especially when they are moving really fast away from me!) I couldn’t help myself, my gut told me to do it! Honest!

"Aren't I?"

I Think I’m a Big Boy Now!

I have gotten myself into a lot of naughty situations, I’m a little embarrassed to talk about them actually. But this is what has caused me to go from one home to another & another & another… let’s just say I remember a lot of of other faces & places.

One of my saddest experience was with my Hoomans Mrs Cathy & Mr Doug. They called me Quinn. They absolutely adored me, but they couldn’t dedicate their time to me, as  Mrs Cathy got sick with cancer. I lived with them for 3 whole years, before Mrs Cathy went to her Rainbow Bridge. So once again I had to go back to my Aunty Sandy.

I remember meeting my (future) pawrents at my Aunty’s store. They would always ask to see me and I would come flying around the corner so that they could lavish their adoration all over me. I didn’t know it at the time, but if my Paul and my Petra hadn’t had a beautiful Great Pyranese to fill their home, they would definitely have taken me in as their forever pet!

If I had known back then, I might have been a little jealous, but I was very sorry to hear that they lost their Abbey girl to Brain Cancer in April of 2015.

Mum told me this story much later, but what I came ro understand was that Dad had said to Mum after they had lost their Abbey girl, “What do you think about getting another dog?” To which Mum had replied, “Not so soon & definitely not another big dog as it is horrid taking care of them when they get sick, ’cause you can’t just pick them up in your arms to give them a proper cuddle…” To which my Dad replied, “what about Stewie?” I guess it didn’t take long for my Mum to say “Okay, let’s go see Sandy” There has never been a luckier pup alive at that moment in the whole universe!

It was Easter weekend that I went to (originally just spend the night!)  my future Mum & Dads place, as they weren’t sure if I was going to behave around their cat kids, Spike & Chester. But I had other plans…

When I arrived I Knew I had to be on my best behaviour. I could already tell that I really, really, REALLY wanted to stay!  This place was a dogs heaven on earth, I mean you should see it! Acres of paths to run around, a run around vehicle that I get to hop into and the lake! I could run along the shores for miles if I wanted! There’s no fences, so I had to prove to them that I wouldn’t runaway, but that would take time. There were bears to chase away and lord knows, tons of other critters that could hurt this precious family! I needed to stay here!

That first day, Easter weekend 2015, (a date I will never forget!) they took me down to the beach and I couldn’t hold myself back! I ran and I ran & after that I ran circles around these wonderful people, telling them that I love it and could I stay, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! They were laughing right along with me, I knew I had them hooked by that point!

But that was when my bum shoulder kicked in! Because I am a jumper, I wrenched my shoulder a while back and sometimes it hits really hard and it hurts really bad! I was worried that they wouldn’t want me because I was broken, but my new Humans were super concerned and because they have huge hearts, they decided, pretty much right then that I would be a part of their family forever!

“I am so not moving!”

Dad loves his Boy!

A Day Out On The Toaster

A beautiful day out on The Toaster!

My life has never been the same since! I am the happiest luckiest dog in the world and I would do anything for my Mum and Dad and my sister and brothers. I’ll make sure that nothing ever hurts them while I am here on this planet!

please stay tuned to my story. Mum said that she is going to write the next post, as it gets a bit more emotional for me to talk about. plus Mum types quicker Than I do! So until then all you brave Tripawds out there, make room for me ’cause Stewie will be entering the building! Ha! (that was just a little Hoomans hoomer!)

“This is as Deep as I go…”

Picture by EJB Photography

Our Majestic Mountain dog!

Photo by "Uncle Evan"



Rots of Ruv from Stu Butt! ❤

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