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Super Stu’s First Day Home As A Tripawds Hero!

Posted by: | July 29, 2017 | 5 Comments |

Our Boy is Home!!!

We are so relieved!

He was laying out on the grass with Dr’s Laurie & Bill when we arrived at Nakusp Vets.
Surprisingly he was laying on his amputated side. Dr. Laurie said if that’s what he wants to do, let him do it! He was very dopey, but he knew his Mum & Dad had arrived and was just staring at us as we came forward. Our sweet, sweet lovey!

We were given the rundown on what the next few days will involve. We don’t have to worry about changing the dressing until Friday, so he can stay comfortably wrapped up. I was quite relieved about this as I didn’t want to hurt him by messing around with dressings and such. Dr. Bill can do a complete change and get to see how everything is healing. We can give him as much food as he wants, keep it tasty and keep him interested. Lots of bed rest, mixed in with potty breaks to keep things moving and working his muscles.

Stewie has been prescribed Extra Strength Tylenol, Gabapentin and Meloxicam. I already had a weekly pill organizer that was put to good use, to get all of these medications into our boy, at the proper times! It was going to be a chore to say the least!

Our boy is home after surgery

He is very weak, so until he builds his body up to Tripawds standards, we need to be beside him to offer support. We need to let him get up by himself, but be ready to hang on to his harness, as he is very floppy. I would be screaming bloody murder if I was in his shoes! Can you imagine all these expectations 24 hrs after having your leg chopped off! Bloody hell he is amazing!

When we stood up and told Stewie that it was time to go home, this mad, brave dog jumped up and ran to the truck, very wobbly mind you and Paul had to run to keep up! Bless his huge beautiful spirit! I drove in the back of the truck with our boy on the way home. I didn’t have to tell him when we were coming around our corner, that we were almost home, he’s been doing that trip long enough now that he knows every bend from here to Nakusp by heart!

When we got home, I offered him some roast chicken, but he turned his nose up at it, so I just walked back to the kitchen, not wanting to push it… the next thing I knew, the super-champ was hopping towards me, as if to say, “Hey, I just realized I am famished Mum, get that friggin chicken back here!” I had to run back over there and turn him back around, to settle him back down.

I brought him back about 1/2 a cup of chicken with his two pills, he gobbled the chicken down and I mixed the pills in the chicken juice and shoved the one capsule down his throat very quickly. Meanwhile I am telling Paul to hurry up and get more chicken, this boy is famished! By the time Paul got over to us, he had gobbled the Tylenol 3 down, like it was a candy! That’s the trick! Ha!

After another half a cup of chicken was gobbled down, he had a small drink of water. I was very happy to get that kind of response from him, so shortly after his surgery! 24hrs has already gone by! Only 312 hours to go until he should be feeling like a normal Tripawds again! He had a really good rest after that!


So it was about 4:30pm, when Paul & I stepped outside, to go and water the gardens and my flowers. When I came back in which wasn’t more than 5 minutes, our boy was standing at the door, like he always has, wanting to join us out there! (Paul forgot to put the gate up.) Talk about me almost having a heart attack! That’s all we bloody need, is for him to fall on his surgical side! But we brought him outside to have a pee. He was exhausted after that. He slept pretty hard for a few hours.

He has told us a couple of times that he has needed to go pee, so Paul & I are switching off taking him out. I said to Paul that we were going to have beefed up arms over the next little while, but our backs are going to be screwed!

So for supper Mr. Stewie had a BBQ steak, which Daddy had picked up especially for our boy! (5 of them actually) & pepperoni for dessert! He will get some more chicken as a bed time snack, to get his meds in him, so that we can dose him up for a good nights rest. (Hopefully!)

He is panting constantly and the occasional whimper. I’m going to sleep beside my boy in the living room tonight and probably for the next few nights, just in case he needs us. I’m terrified of him falling onto his side!

We are discovering that our heavy weight Champion, hops faster than I can can keep up. We’ll be running a bloody marathon together by the time we’re done! We’d do just about anything to get our boy through this though.

I can’t even think about complaining when I’ve watched what my boy has gone through, with barely a whimper! My brave proud boy! I keep telling him that we are NEVER going to leave him behind. His pack will wait for him to catch up ALWAYS!

Wishing everyone the best.

Super Stewie, Petra, Paul, Spike, Chester & Miss Lily. 🐾🐾🐾🐾

“We got this Dad!”


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  1. By: izzysmomma on July 30, 2017 at 4:13 am      Reply

    Stewie, you cheeky pup! Sounds like you started your life on three legs very much like Miss Izzy, except that she came home the same day as her surgery. I’ll never forget the surgeon’s assistant going over what meds she’d come home with before taking her back for surgery. I objected as the list isn’t include a sedative and I was worried – taking her home the same day and all – that she’d be trying to be up and about, like the hungry hippo she is. They brushed off the request, saying she’d be dopey from the anesthesia but my girl, true to herself, tried to get up as soon as they woke her up after surgery. Suffice to say, she came home with a sedative lol Love reading about Stewie’s adventure – he really is a BIG handsome boy – totally my type! 🙂

    love from us –
    Amy & Izzy, too

    • By: Super Stu! on July 30, 2017 at 8:11 am      Reply

      Hi Amy & Izzy
      First off, I hope Miss Izzy is now doing better? When did she have her surgery?
      My boy is definitely an independent fella! Only 3 post surgery & he was jumping into the UTV like he’s been doing it forever on 3 legs! He once again scared the crap out of me… I didn’t know who to be more mad at, Stewie for doing it in his own, or his Dad for letting him do so!
      I honestly can’t wait to see how this boy does when he’s back to health!
      Take good care Miss Izzy and we shall catch up another time.
      All the best from
      Super Stewie, Petra, Paul, Spike, Chester & Miss Lily xxxxxx

  2. By: benny55 on July 29, 2017 at 9:22 pm      Reply

    That’s right, Id forgotten how far along Stewie is in his recovery, so pain meds aren’t as big an issue anymore.

    Stewie IS a star and Imlove following his journey and celebrating all his victories!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. By: Super Stu! on July 29, 2017 at 12:39 pm      Reply

    Hello Sally and Alumni,
    Thank you once again for your inspiring words. we really appreciates your support and your thoughts.
    I also wondered about the Tylenol, but thankfully, now that we are almost 3 weeks post op, he is no longer on the T3’s. He is still on the Meloxicam at nights, to help with any of the swelling that was caused by his Seroma. He is still licking at that area too, but not so obsessively since we took his t-shirt off.
    He is still resting a lot, as getting about takes up a lot of energy, but he is a far happier puppy now.
    I am only just starting to catch up on his blogs, so please do keep reading. Stewie has always loved being the star ⭐️!
    Thanks again for keeping up with all of us Tripawd newbies, it is quite a journey to go through and I wouldn’t want to do it alone!
    All the very best from,
    Super Stewie, Petra, Paul, Spike, Chessie & Miss Lily xxx🐾🐾🐾🐾

  4. By: benny55 on July 29, 2017 at 11:44 am      Reply

    SUPER STU SUPER DOG SUPER HERO!!! You’re showing the world big dawgs knoo how to rock on three legs…even doped up and just out of surgery!!

    Love the picture on HIS sofa! He really is a biiiig boy!!

    Just something to menion to the Vet…And I am certainly NOT a Vet and NOT giving Vet advice. Just wo dwr if SuperStu would be better served taking Tramadol and not the Tylenol. Two reasons…Tramadol is a heavier duty pain med a d usually given here with the Tramado. And I know “sometimes” the Tylenol can cause issues and also “sometimes” may not react with Rimadyl well…so assume same is true if Meloxicam. And I may be waaaay off base on anymof this, just thiught I’d me tiin it though! ‘I don’t often see the Tylenol given, but definitely see thr Tramadol and Gabapentin given to help combat the pain. And the panting and whimpering coukd definitely indicate pain…especially kf it’s before the next dose is given.

    You really, really are on top of things and taking really good care of your Heavyweight Champion of the World!!! And I loooove seeing pictures of this big teddy bear!!
    Stewie, keep on amazing us sweet voy!! To state the obvious, you are a very loved boy!! Steak a d Pepperoni!!YUM!! You need ice cream for dessert though!

    Big hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!
    PS…I see I’ve missed a couple other blog. Gonna catch up later because I don’t want to miss a ything ever about Stewie! 🙂

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