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Super Stu’s 10 Month Ampuversary!

Posted by: | May 14, 2018 | 13 Comments |

Super Stu is Hopping into his 11th Month!!!

WhooHoo Tripawds Mates! I have just celebrated my 10 Month Ampuversary!!! 🎗🐕🎗I am feeling so good these days! 

And I’m looking good too, even if I do say so myself! My Mum lost my favourite brush and so she picked up a new one and it has made me look so much more freakin’ handsome than before!!

So do you remember when the stores in town ran out of Hedgies and my Mum saw an Angel Hedgie and passed it by ‘cause she didn’t want to give me a Hedgie from Heaven,so she got me Winter a Hedgie instead ….!?!  Well,my Angel friend Manni was sending that Hedgie to me!!! Finally, Manni got his message through to Miss Holly and Mum picked up Angel Hedgie for me! I was really lucky that he was still there, Manni had hid him in the middle of the basket! Thanks Manni, I Ruv my Angel Hedgie!

And then for my 10 Month Ampuversary Prize 😉 I got a Twisted Bully stick and a squeaky lion. You see, the store in town are out of Hedgies (again!!!) so it’s a really good thing I got my Angel Hedgie! Thanks again Manni and to Miss Holly for remembering that Mum had put that Angel Hedgie back, even after I told her I wanted it!! This Sqeaky lion is really cool though, ‘cause I can ruff house with him and he is floppier than a Hedgie. 

I also received a super cool Cyber Hedgie from Mr Purrrrrkins. This Cyber Hedgie looks exactly like my Amurican Hedgie!!

I am still going for my Spa Ortho-Bionomy treatments. I was going every week, but Miss Leslie thinks that every couple of weeks should be good and then maybe once a month? She said it’s not cause she doesn’t Ruv me… She said I can come in any time I feel like it, it’s just I feel so freakin good!!

Oh my Tripawd friends, I Ruv the spring! Our Hummingbirds have arrived for the summer, Mum planted her flowers into her pots and I got to roll around in fresh cut grass! Aaaaaaaahhhh!! What a feelin’! 

Our fandangling, pesky, veggie eatin’ Gophers are back, but Mum and Dad said that I’m not allowed to chase them! They said that I could hurt my self, but it’s not me I want to hurt!!! I know that’s not a nice thought, but those things are PESKY! They eat all of Mum and Dads veggies! So I do a lot of hanging out on my deck with my brothers.

Me and Chester are always out there together and even Spikey joins us for a sun tanning session! Miss Lily doesn’t like it outdoors, she just stands at the door and tells us all how dangerous it is out here! I keep trying to tell her that nothin’ will hurt her as long as I’m here to protect her, but nothing convinces her to come out, not even a harness. And speaking of harnesses, Teddy gets a new one soon, his modified dog harness proved to be too slippery!


Oh and before I forget… My Mum received a puppy picture of me from my ‘very first home’ people! This was my very first day away from my Pack Mum, i was only 8 weeks old!!

My Paws were massive from the day I was born my Mum says, but I had to grow into my tongue!!

So here’s some more of my pictures celebrating my 10 Month Ampuversary…

Bully sticks & Hedgies…

My Angel Hedgie from Manni…

Truck rides and road trips…


Belly rubs…

Enjoying the spring freshness!

And one last video… this is me and Ted on our adventures!

That’s all for now my friends! Until next month when I can fill you in on more of my adventures with my pawsome furmily!

Rots and Rots Of Ruvin from your Super Stu and best wishes from my Mums and Dad, Spitfire Spikey, Chester McFiend, Prissy Miss Lily and her Boy-friend  Talkative Teddy


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  1. By: Purrkins on May 18, 2018 at 5:39 pm      Reply

    I’m late to the online pawty 🛎🔔Stewie sorry! Summer work duties! I was on time on the big day virtually thru Mum!

    Happy/Hoppy 10 month Ampuversurey Stewie, Whoo Hoo📣 is right! We wove these celebrations! We will be celebrating the 11th soon and then yep your One year🔔🎗 and Mr. Purrkins😻 2 year ampuversary.📣🔔🎗 We will celebrate big time in July!!

    You look marvelous Stewie, and it is soooo good to see you are feeling like yourself! Miss Leslie used her magic on you, and it shows! That and your milk thistle plus all of your fans say special prayers for the Super Stew & rots of rove ❤️💖and a new brush!

    I do remember the store running out of hedgies, 🦔and they did again. 😲We need the number to this place Stewie!! We are going to have to put Mr. Manni back on the case! Hear that Angle Manni Stewie needs another hedgie🦔. Mum (Tina) needs some signs ok!

    The lion is a lot bigger than the hedgies it’s ok to have more than one favorite kind! Awe MUM put your virtual hedgie on too Purrfect! They are the cutest little fellas!

    No, the cutest fella is you as a puppy Stew OMC I rove you tiny little and huge! Mom is right you had to grow into your tongue.👅 How special to get such a picture! Now I know Mum will be busy you guys enjoy being spoilt even more rotten ok? Be kind to the new puppy visiting ok show him what he has to aspire to;) Teddy you show the world what kitties can do on a harness good boy!! Chester is always the social bug isn’t he? Where Stewie is Mr. Chester is.
    Soon very soon the toaster🛥 is coming out! I look forward to seeing you on your boat buddy!

    WOVE the videos Mum is getting sooo good!! 🎶🎤🎉🎬👏🏻
    Much love to you all!
    Extra rub to Spikey please! Tweets for Teddy and Miss Lily! Love to Chester!
    Sloppy kisses to you Stewie!

    Miss Holly, Mark Sexxxxxy Saxton and your Mr. Purrkins❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • By: Super Stu! on May 18, 2018 at 9:12 pm      Reply

      Miss Holly, you are not late! Evah!!
      You were right on time and you gave me my 10 Month celebratory Hedgie!!! Thank you once again for that! I may not be able to get my teeth into his squeaky, but he still made all of us smile! 😁 Manni’s Angel Hedgie is definitely squeaky cool too! He sure knows how to pick a good sqeak!
      I’m so glad that I can at least find good squeaky’s in all of my new and different friends!

      Mr Purrrrrkins, you and I are going to Pawwwwwwwty in July!!! 📣🎊💝😽💝🐕🎉🎗🔔🎗
      My Mum can’t believe how time flies and that my 1 year Ampuversary is just around the corner! I keep telling her though that if she was to live more dog, a year feels like a really hoppy lifetime!
      Does it feel like that in Cat Time too Mr Purrrkins? You are one Hoppy Kitty and with a catitude like yours, it’s no wonder you are kicking this 💩 diseas’ butt! Let’s shine up our Pawty 🐾 shoes and make sure we are Rockin it for July!

      I’ll be really good with my new puppy cousin Miss Holly, I swear! Her name is Miss Daisy and I have a feeling she is going to be Driving Mum a little crazy this weekend! But not me!😁 My other puppy cousins are coming out too, so I will have lots of pictures on my next blog! My Hooman cousins haven’t seen me in quite a while and not since before my amputation! They are gonna be super impressed! My Hooman Auntie already Ruvs a tiny chihuahua Tripawd named Tyson! Mum says he is super tiny, but he is a right little hoppy chicken! Ooop! I mean Chihuahua!! 😁

      Mum said that Teddy is not allowed out while puppies are around ‘cause he doesn’t know they won’t hurt him! He would want to run off and hide! I would protect him Miss Holly! And Chester McFiend will be mad that he doesn’t get to go out! Uuuuugh, he is going to yell and yell and yell at us all! 😼

      We will be getting Rots Of treats while our furmily is visiting, thanks for thinking of us all Miss Holly!!😘 Mums gonna have some more great videos next month too!

      Please give Sexy Saxton and Mr Purrrrkins a nose kiss from me would you and a sloppy kiss to you and Mark also! Ruv you Miss Holly!!!


  2. By: jerry on May 17, 2018 at 11:29 am      Reply

    Oh my dog I had to go back and look at your photos again, and just went AWWWW over your puppy pic! WOW what big paws my friend!

  3. By: jerry on May 17, 2018 at 11:27 am      Reply

    Super Stuuuuuuu! Where’s the snow? Wow that went away fast! You probably don’t think so do you?

    Congratulations on leaping right into #10 and onward to #11! What better way to celebrate than to revel in the joys of springtime and hedgies!

    You do look good my friend, better than ever. Your fur shines, your eyes sparkle and you’ve got a hoppy dance in your step that says LIFE IS GREAT!

    We all celebrate your remarkable life and can-do spirit my friend, what a fabulous inspawration you are to so many in this world.

    In a few weeks we will get to see you and give you a thousand ampuversary kisses in person. We cannot wait!

    • By: Super Stu! on May 17, 2018 at 6:07 pm      Reply

      Spring arrived you guys!!! No more of that chillin’ white stuff, that is long gone from my hoppy mind! I do love the snow, but the grass is much better! I get to hang out and just Chill!

      Life is GREAT! I am reminded time and time again though that nothing is to be taken for granted. I know that the future is what it is and Life will happen, but my pawrents tell me that I am one super special fella and they couldn’t be more grateful to have me with them still!
      I mean, Pfffffft! Where do they think I’m going⁉️ Don’t they know that none of us fur babies EVER leave‼️ We see our Spirit brothers and sisters all the time… Especially my Catsssss!! I give them all Hello blinks, but my Catsssss just stare… I think they’re talking Alien talk to them!💫😸

      Thank you for seeing me as an inspawration! I am just being my lucky, always hoppy self and I Ruv to talk about me! 😁

      We are all very much looking forward to meeting you guys soon! Wyatt Dawg and I will be best friends in not time at all! We can compare paw prints! 🐾

      Much Ruv to you all and a safe hoppy journey!
      Petra, Paul, Chillin’ Stewie, Spitfire Spikey, Chester McCool, Miss Priss and Tedwardo

  4. By: benny55 on May 17, 2018 at 8:46 am      Reply

    THEWIE!!!! THUPER THEWIE!!!! BEST AMPUVERSARY THELEBRATION EVVVVER!🤣🤣 Then again, every ampuversary ith the best evvvver!! Anything about Thewie ith the best evvvver!!

    We got to thee you with all your Lionths, your special Hedgie AND we got to hear Ed Therran therenade you!! He picked the PERFECT thongs to thing to you !!💕 I didn’t really underthand the story about The Angel Hedgie until now. A great example of how the Univerth works!!

    Itth tho wonderful ,to thee how much you and all the kittith enjoy being together thoaking up the thun🌻 You have such beautiful thenery thurrrounding you.

    When I had a garden, we planted double of everything tho the critters could snack too. Of xourth, they thought we planted everything jith for them!

    THEIWIE, you are thuch a handthome boy!! Truly you are abtholutely MAGNIFICENT!!
    And that bavy picture of you defines ADORAVLE!!! Hard to believe that little pup turned into such a gentle giant!!

    THANK YOU THO MICH THEWIE, FOR LETTING US JOIN IN ON YOUR TEN MONTH AMPUVERTHARY PAWWTY!! You tjrow the best pawties evvvver! We look forward to more! And your friend Ed can therenade me anytime💖💖


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • By: Super Stu! on May 17, 2018 at 9:32 am      Reply

      Thally! Dearetht Thally!

      Have I told you lately how much I Ruv you?!!♥️ It ith tho lovely to thee you on my blog page! I am tho hoppy that you Ruv my thtorieth!

      I am hopping into my 11th Month and I am feeling gloriouth Thally!😁
      Me and my Pride Of Kittenth live the betht life out here and everyday ith like a great Pawty! I haven’t got a million Hedgie’th yet, but Mum thaid she ith working on it!!🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔

      We Ruv Ed Therran! He ith tho cool 😎! And talk about cool 😎! Me and Manni play with our Hedgie Lot’th! We think of him every time I squeak my Angel 😇 Hedgie!

      Great idea Mith Thally! My Mum and Dad are going to plant rots of veggieth and that way, we all get to fill our bellieth!!😃

      I wath pretty thurprithed when I thaw my baby picture, jutht how mathive my feet were!! They thould have called me Big Foot! Not Thuper Thtewie!!!😂🤣😂

      You, Freakin’ Handthome Frankie and Merry Blind Guide Myrtle can join our Pawty’th any time Thally! We Ruv you all!!!😘🐕🎗🐕😘

      Many hugth and kitheth from your Big Foot Thtewie and high very Thpethial Kittnth and much Ruv from Mum and Dad!

  5. By: JESH on May 15, 2018 at 3:46 pm      Reply

    Way to go Super Stu! So happy for you and your Pawrents. You were one adorable puppy (now you are so handsome) with some awesomely big paws!!

    • By: Super Stu! on May 15, 2018 at 5:39 pm      Reply

      Hi Jan and thank you! I know things must be super hard for you still and I want you to know that I appreciate you giving your best wishes on Stewie’s Ampuversary!
      We think of your darling girl and send her spirit kisses each time I open up my media library! She is still smiling down on you!
      Best wishes to you Jan and all of your family!
      Petra, T.T.Stewie and his Pride Of Kittens

  6. By: dawn3g on May 15, 2018 at 3:47 am      Reply

    Super Stu, you really are a handsome dude!! We love hearing how wonderful you’re feeling–makes us smile SO HUGE! You really have a greyt life with so much love, it warms the heart to see all your happy pictures.
    Just wanted to stop by to say we’re fans! <3 <3 <3

    Dawn and Fallon
    (and Paul and Maggie)

    • By: Super Stu! on May 15, 2018 at 7:30 am      Reply

      Hi Dawn, 😘 Fallon, Paul and Maggie!
      Lovely to see you! We love to make people smile, it is one of the healthiest work outs evah! We love this big fella to pieces!!
      Thanks for being a fan!😘
      Hugs and Ruv from Superstar Stu, Petra, Paul and his adoring Kittens ♥️

  7. By: midnighter94 on May 14, 2018 at 9:45 pm      Reply

    Oh Super Stu, you really are one big ball of fluffy love, aren’t you? Hoppy 10 month Ampuversary!!! You are doing amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing! I’m so glad that Manni found a way to send you that very special Hedgie. Who says our babies can’t find ways to send their love?
    <3 Donna

    • By: Super Stu! on May 14, 2018 at 10:05 pm      Reply

      Hi Donna,
      thanks so much for your words of support! It really means a lot to me that I am surrounded by all this love! My Tripawd Angel friends are super good at sending messages from the 🌈 bridge, we just need to make sure that we look and listen right!
      Hugs to you ♥️

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