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Super Stu’s 11 Month Ampuversary!

Posted by: | June 13, 2018 | 14 Comments |

Oh you guys! Here I am celebrating my 11 Month Ampuversary and what a month it has been!! 

My mum and Dad went and performed at Christina Lake at the beginning of the month, so of course I got to stay with my favourite person, but I was kinda wurried fur them, ‘cause there was lots of flooding going on down there… but they were okay, ‘cause they climbed high onto this Railway Trestle, but then Mum had to save Dad from falling off!!!

My special spa daze have been cut back and I don’t mind ‘cuz Miss Leslie and Mum agreed that I didn’t need to come in as often. Only when I seem uncomfortable and that has been a non-issue this last month. I have been feeling like a Super Hoppy Stu Butt! Kind of like the Super Kitty Hero behind me!

We had a surprise visit from my Mum’s Sister (my Aunty) and her daughter (my cousin) and her daughter (my 2nd cousin), so we had 3 generations of my Mum’s furmily here, she was sooooooo hoppy!!! Especially cause my cousin had never been here before! My (2nd) cousin Rylee and I are the very best of friends!

And she let me join in her tea ☕ Pawty! I Ruv her!!!

And here a picture of my Fur Cousins, Senorita Charlie, Wonderful Winnie and Troublesome (but truly loveable!) Pup Miss Daisy…

My Mum & Dad met my new vet, Dr Amber this month! Sadly, ‘cause Spikey had a sore bottom, but with the initial introduction made with my Dr Laurie there, the second visit went really well! Mr Spikey really liked her! My Pawrents felt really good about her when they came home and told me what a nice lady she is and that she likes to give treats to win our hearts… I will reserve my judgment until I see what the quality of these said treats are!!!  In the meantime, I’ll just lay here in the shade…

And then guess what you guys…. we had a visit from our famous TriPawd Stars Wyatt Ray Dawg and Miss Rene and Mr Jim!!!! 🎊👏🎊

They arrived at a really cool campsite in our area after a super long drive up from your United States Of Amurica! 🇺🇸!!

But first a Pawsitively cool (and extremely embarrassing!🤗) coincidence happened that day in town… 

The cool thing that happened was that when my Pawrents took me down to the Marina, where I like to take a drink, these nice people came up to say hello to me and Ruvved that I was a TriPawd Pup ‘cause they had a TriPawd Kitty in their car with them!!! He had his own stroller and everything!!! Of course my Mum & Dad wanted to go and say hello!!!

So I got to meet Othello the TriPawd, Very Cool Kitty!!!

Now the embarrassing thing that happened was Mum shared with these very nice people that the Tripawd Stars were visiting and that they were going to meet with them at Tukaluk Campground that afternoon. They asked me if I thought that our Tripawd Super Stars would mind them dropping by and I said “of course they won’t mind..!!!” Uuuuugh! You guys Wyatt Ray-Has-a-Lot-to-Say Dawg had a MAJOR problem with them dropping by!!! Mum is still apawlagizing, 🤗 as she had no idea that they would bring Tripawd Kitty Othello out of the car to say hello too!!! Wyatt Dawg nearly pulled Mr Jim through the walls of his Mobile Dawg House!!!

Of course Miss Rene handled the situation purrrfectly and everything had been calmed down after Othello and his pawrents left.

Then me and my Pawrents arrived…. 

Now even though Wyatt Ray-Has-a-Lot-to-Say Dawg was a little concerned that I was close to his Pawrents, I showed him I was okay with him by going on a hoppy hop with him! Every now and again Wyatt Dawg would tell me to stay away from his den, so I just went and did my own thing where he couldn’t see

Then the next day our Super TriPawd Stars came down to my house you guys! Yes they really did! They made a very special trip to come and see me and I couldn’t feel more honoured! Truly! We had a great time showing them around. My Mum got to sit with Wyatt Ray-Has-a-Lot-to-Say Dawg in the back of our UTV while they went on a tour and I heard Wyatt Dawg calling up a storm, so I had to hop on over to them and make sure they were okay! Phew thankfully my Dad had it all under control and everypawdy was having a great time! It was MY turn to have a ride in the back with my Mum! (As they took me back to the house to “Rest!” they say! Uuuugh! I felt fine!!!) 

Here’s some fun pictures of our Tripawd Super Star guests…

The very cool part about their trip to see us, is that Miss Rene asked Mum and Dad to make a song out of Mum’s Tripawds poem, so Dad put her words all together in some music and came up with the TriPawds Theme Song! 

We will let Miss Rene, Mr Jim and Wyatt Ray-Has-a-Lot-to-Say Dawg show you that little treat… in the mean time they shared a ‘Sneak ‘a Peak’ Of their time with us!

And talking of Treats, boy oh boy did we get spoiled Rawtten!!! I got two more Amurican Hedgies from Wyatt Dawg you guys! 

That makes Three Amurican Hedgie’s that I have now!!! Thanks Wyatt Ray of Sunshine for cool gifts! My Kittens got a fluffy mouse each! You can only see three in this picture cuz Tedwardo keeps tossing them under the stove! Thank you! All of you guys are amazing! 😉

And my Mum and Dad got a really cool and very special bottle of 3 Legged Red! An extra special thank you for this!! We are very much looking forward to sharing this… 😉

I got a new Hedgie fromMum and Dad for my Ampuversary gift! His name is Ranger Hedgie! I Ruv Ranger Hedgie!

I Ruv ALL my Hedgies

And you guys, i got my first Missy Hedgie!!!! Isn’t she gorgeous??? Mr Purrrkins sent me another e-Hedgie and I Ruv her!! Thank you Mr Purrkins, you are so good on your compotes!! 😉

Oh and I got more pictures of My Pack Mum, wasn’t she beautiful?? (She also was diagnosed with 💩 Osteo, but her pawrents couldn’t give her the chance at becoming a Tripawd! 🙁 I have her same lips 👄! 😉

and me as a new born… I’m the cutest one in the middle with the sweet brown face and the cute little ears!

Miss Rene thinks that I might have some Leonberger in me ‘cause my coat is so fluffy! I get to feel better about myself all the time!! I was told I had Rotty, Bernese and Retriever… clearly there is something else judging by the look of my Litter Pup Brothers!

I invite you all to my next Pawty next month… it’s gonna be a big one… I’m celebrating my 1 year Ampuversary!!! Yes! That’s one year my friends! Come join the fun! That includes Mr Purrrrkins ‘cause he is celebrating his 2 year Ampuversary!!! So all you Catssss and Dawgs, come out with your Pawty Boots on, ‘cause it’s gonna be fun!!!


Rots Of Ruv and see you all soon!!!

♥️Stewie, Senor Spikey, Chester Molester, Prissy Miss Lily and Talkative Ted♥️


p.s. check out out much fun Wyatt had on the Tripawds Blog!

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  1. By: Rocky's dad on June 14, 2018 at 12:17 pm      Reply

    Congrats on your 11-month ampuversary Super Stewie! Looking great!

    • By: Super Stu! on June 18, 2018 at 6:30 am      Reply

      Hi David and Baxter! Thanks for joining the Pawty! I feel great David! Thank you! Rocky has a VIP (Very Important Pup!) Invitation to next months celebration! He can tell you all about it!
      Massive hugs to you and Baxter and very special Spirit Kisses to Rocky!

  2. By: Jesh on June 13, 2018 at 6:49 pm      Reply

    Celebrate good times! So good to see the handsomest Tripawd celebrate 11 months! I guess we now no why Wyatt Ray-has-a lot-to-say is th spoke dog. Looks lime can really talk! Your mom was beautiful, just like you TT Bailey was. You were definitely the pick of the litter. You got the Rottweiler good looks. Here’s to man more celebrations.

    • By: Super Stu! on June 13, 2018 at 7:56 pm      Reply

      Hello Jan, it is always so lovely to see you!

      Thank you for your best wishes and support, it really does mean a lot!!! We all think that TT Bailey was just as beautiful as Stewie’s Mum!!! Even more beautiful because she was the best Tripawd Twin any Tripawd could have!!! We do wish that TT Bailey could be with us today also celebrating into her 12th month and know that my heart goes out to you! This is why it is that much more special hearing from you!!!

      Many hugs to you Jan and very, very special Spirit Kisses to Stewie’s Beautiful TT Bailey

  3. By: dobemom on June 13, 2018 at 6:02 pm      Reply

    Hoppy 11 month ampuversary Stewie!!! Way to go you handsome lad. So proud and happy beyond words that you are doing so well. And how exciting that you got to meet the special folks who started it all! I’m hoping they make the trip to Wisconsin next year to visit our pad. Keep up the good work buddy, you’re rockin’ it!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

    • By: Super Stu! on June 13, 2018 at 7:39 pm      Reply

      Thank you so very much Paula and thanks for joining the Pawty! It really was an exciting time meeting our Tripawd Stars and i think we can count ourselves to be extremely fortunate to have met these most amazing folk! I guess you just never know where they may show up!! i never would have guessed that we would have met them, ever, but thankfully we were on their Route to the Great White North!

      I am so wanting to follow in Warrior Nitro’s footsteps!!! He is definitely one of my Tripawd Hero’s!!! Sending lots of special Spirit Kisses to you Nitro! I sure appreciates your suppawt!


  4. By: Purrkins on June 13, 2018 at 3:27 pm      Reply

    HAPPY, HOPPY 11th month SUPER STU your not named SUPER for no reason buddy we are already working on the big celebrations ONE YEAR STEWIE! WOW, how are Mum and Dad going to beat all this fun for next month? Having your Aunt and cousins 3 generations out? Having tea pawties with Miss Rylee and all the furry friends? I think the Allan family has had an amazing month holy cow and you got to meet Miss Rene & Jim & Wyatt Rae Dawg!! Mum and Dad singing a tune for Tripawds! You took them on your own private tour of your paradise and meeting tripawd kitty Othello well Purrkins wishes it could have been him that’s for sure! Stewie you look like you woved Mr. Jim’s ear rubs your turning into melted butter there;)

    More hedgies too, of course, I think we need a hedgie count Stu how many are you up to now and counting those at Miss Annes for repair? Do we have at least 12 now if not we need to know;) Don’t count the virtual compotes;)

    Oh, Stewie your Mum was beautiful sorry to hear she got 💩 You Stewie broke the mold by tossing it away! Leonberger awe 🧐 I agree with Miss Rene that sure make sense I had to google Leonberger but yep I can see that in you Stewie!

    We are coming virtually at the very least to your one-year ampuversary pawty you know it! We have the best celebrations coming up and you know what we are celebrating YOU & Mr. Purrkins kicken you know whats ARSE and hopping on!

    Ok, we have to see what Mum and I can come up with for the celebrations!🎉🎉🍗🐟👏🏻💡🔔🔔🎗🐿🦔🎗😻
    Lots of love to you Stewie & Dear Spikey, Chester, Miss Lily and Stationary Talkative Ted your hear me Teddy?

    Lots of love to Mum and Dad too of course 😁😘
    Railway Trestle picture too cool !

    Miss Holly, Mark, Sexxxxy SaxTon and Whispering Mr. Purrkins;)😽

    • By: Super Stu! on June 13, 2018 at 6:44 pm      Reply

      Hi Miss Holly, Mr Mark, Whispering Purrrrkins and my Sexy SaxTon!

      I want to start by saying thank you for my virtual Miss Hedgie, she is beeeeeuuuutiful!!! I would ask her to be my Queen, but that honour is going to be accepted by Miss Meg-a-Star, I hope!!!

      I don’t know yet what Mum and Dad are doing for my 1 year Ampuversary! They are keeping it a surprise!!! But I think my best Prize will be in the celebrating of it with them and all my ‘Pawds friends!!! I am so looking forward to hopping into my 2nd year as a King Stewie Super Paws!!! I Ruv that title!!! 😉

      Oh how wonderful it would be to meet you Mr Whisperin’ Purrrrkins! But remember, you put your smell all over my first Amurican Hedgie, i know who you are buddy!!! 😽 But i do have to confess, Mr Jim’s ear rubs are THE BEST EVAH!!! I truly felt like melted buttah!

      So i am going to ask my Mum to do a Hedgie count and she said that she is already on that and that Aunty Anne has already been asked to have my injured Hedgie fixed… Aunty Anne said she will try and do the surgery as soon as she gets back from her howlidays with her daughter.i am going to have Rots of Hedgies Miss Holly, including my Amurican Hedgies and my virtual Hedgies too, they can’t be left out Miss Holly! Especially my Miss Pretty Hedgie!!

      You know that i wouldn’t miss your 2 year Ampuversary Mr Purrrrrkins, not for the world and i know you wouldn’t miss mine either!!! Let’s Rock this Universe next month! July is one heck of a month for celebrations!!! 😉 lets Really kick this 💩 disease in the Arse and out of the Hemisphere!!!

      Talkative Ted hears you Miss Holly, he says that he is not going anywhere, he knows he’s got a gazillion solid meals a day and he puts on his best Grumpety Groo voice if he doesn’t get fed!!! He wears two collars and two Tag Finders and is not out of sight for long! “Grumpety, Grumpety Groo!”

      Much Ruv and many snuggles coming right back to you all and Mum is looking forward to the preparations for the Pawty!!

  5. By: megstamum on June 13, 2018 at 11:42 am      Reply

    WOWZERS!!!! Just WOWZERS!!!! I cannot believe what a splendid celebration your fabulous pawrents laid on for you, although actually I guess I can because you are after all KING STEWIE SUPER PAWS and you do have the most splendiferous pawrents ever. That three-legged cat, you know, that was not a coincidence, not at all. He’d heard tell of the legend of Stewie Super Paws (I think maybe Purrkins has been whispering) and had set out on a mission to discover whether the rumours of this glorious, enormous, shaggy-haired, handsome divil of a three-legged super creature could possibly be true. He never imagined for one second that he would get to meet King Stewie in person, and was far too bashful to confess the true reason for his mission. Then to top it all he was introduced to Wyatt-has-a-lot-to-say Dawg, and his mind was completely blown. He’d only heard of such creatures in fairy tales, and even now, cannot quite convince himself it wasn’t all some fantastical dream. Perhaps it’s better that way.
    Stewie, Stewie, Stewie, what a magnificent creature you are! Eleven months is MASSIVE and deserves eleven more months of celebrations, with hedgies galore and non stop treats. And you know what, I reckon that is just precisely what your fabulous pawrents have planned. I cannot contain my excitement for your one year pawty next month. Thanks for the invitation. I’ll just harness up the MegaStar and we’d better set off. It wouldn’t do to be late…. We love you Stewie, and all your kitties and your wonderful pawrents too.
    Meg, Clare and Angel Pie (who will be guiding us from above)

    • By: Super Stu! on June 13, 2018 at 1:00 pm      Reply

      Meg-a-Star, how lovely to see you at my Pawty!!! And how magnicent an entry you make my love in that beautiful shining chariot of yours!!! Oh Meg-aStar, you are going to outlast us all my beautiful girl. KING STEWIE SUPER PAWS would love you to be his little Tripawd Queen!!!

      I think you’re right… that three legged spirit cat is no coincidence at all!!! Mr Purrrrkins whispers many Kitties names and they always remain!!! 😉 I think that Fang has met many of our Tripawds Hero’s now and is in complete awe of them all!!! I think it was superbly Brilliant that he hopped in to ensure his Stardom!!!
      Oh Eleven Months More!!!! Yay, that will be something to celebrate in itself!!! For now we are busy preparing for the Pawty of our lifetime around here and we are going to ensure that Teats and Hedgies Galore it is!!!
      Miss Pie, you are doing an excellent job from above, who knew you could be such a good guide dog too!!!
      Much love and many hugs to you Clare and our Meg-a-Star gets an extra piece of Liver Cake from me please, just because…
      I am sending special spirit kisses to Miss Pie-in-the-Sky

  6. By: jerry on June 13, 2018 at 9:54 am      Reply

    Super Stuuuuuuu! Hoppy #11! What a big big milestone, almost as big as you my friend! WOW! Talk about defying those silly odds, you are KICKING BUTT!!!

    You always know how to share the good times here in your blog, it’s lovely to see all the fun you had with your human and canine family before we had the honour of meeting you. What a pawty! Looks like everyone had a great time!

    And of course, meeting you, your mum and dad and the kitties has been the highlight of our northerly journey. You have the COOLEST kingdom my friend, and it is truly paradise. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such a great host and so VERY kind to Mr. Wyatt-has-a-lot-to-say-Dawg! I’m sure when he left you were exhausted from all the noise!

    Of course we can’t ever forget the beautiful, heartfelt and in our opinion, Grammy-award winning Tripawds Theme Song your people penned for our heroes. THANK YOU!!!

    We love you guys lots and hope to see you again very very soon. Keep on keepin’ on Stu, you are our hero!

    • By: Super Stu! on June 13, 2018 at 10:54 am      Reply

      Hey TriPawd Stars!!!
      Thank you, I plan on kicking butt for another year!! No doubt about it!!!

      You guys, you make us blush… first off you are more than welcome anytime to come and check out our little piece of Paradise! You are our Superstar Guests… of course you are going to be pawmpered!!!

      Secondly, as far as your Tripawds Theme Song, it was truly our pleasure and the fact that you love it so much, is all the Award we need!! Our Heroes deserve so much more and Tripawds gives them that chance! Thank you once again for your dedication to making the Tripawd world a better place, for many many more years to come!!!

      Much love and gratitude to you all and we hope to see you again soon!

  7. By: Michelle on June 13, 2018 at 5:51 am      Reply

    Yay Stewie. Hoppy Happy Ampuversary. I am glad you got to meet Rene, Jim and Wyatt. They are pretty special people.

    You have a huge playground Stewie. I loved the tour of your place. The stream is awesome. It looks so beautiful there.

    Have a great party to celebrate

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • By: Super Stu! on June 13, 2018 at 7:22 am      Reply

      Hi Michelle and thank you for joining my Pawty once again! We Ruv seeing you here!! 🙂
      It really was a pleasure meeting Jim, Rene and Wyatt Ray Dawg! We all had a blast! I think Wyatt was quite impressed and i think he will want to come back and see more! Maybe just maybe he can get a ride on the Toaster McBoaty by then!!!
      Come and join us for my next Pawty Michelle, one year is just around the corner and ive never been so excited!!!
      Much Ruv to you and your gang and very special kisses going to Angel Sassy


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