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In case some of you don’t know me, my name is Stewie. (aka Super Stu, or Stewart! Especially when my Mum is mad!) I am 7 years old and my Mum tells me that I’m a big boy! I have to step onto that big black table on the floor at the doctors office and the numbers tell them that I weigh 49.9kg (110lbs)! Is this why they tell me I’m not very good at being a lap dog?!

“I’m all played out!”

My Mum & Dad tell me my original pack were a mix of Bernese Mountain Dog, Rottweiler and Retriever. Everybody tells me I’m terribly handsome and I have to agree with them!

I can’t remember too much about the whole ordeal, but my Pawrents tell me that I have OSC and that they needed to take my front left leg off, so that I wouldn’t have that horrid pain anymore. I’m glad they did, ’cause it feels much better now. I look even more handsome now, because I’m not frowning in pain anymore!

The big drag about this OSC cancer thing, is that I have to get poked every other week, so that they can take my blood out of me and then put some horrid poison stuff back in! Apparently it is supposed to kill off those nasty cancer cells, so I guess I’ll put up with the poking, if it means that I can spend more quality time with my Mum & Dad! I Ruv, Ruv, Ruv them so much! I’ll just take it out on Hedgehog, I Ruv to hear him Squeak!

I am now six weeks without my front leg and I feel great! (Other than the horrid pokey time, then I feel kinda tired and I don’t eat much for a couple of days.) I know my Pawrents have had a really rough time, even though I have tried to be an excellent patient and listen when my Mum tells me not to lick. I know that I’ve done good, ’cause all that horrible extra fluid is all gone and my new tattoo (that’s what I call my cool looking scar!) is hardly noticeable under my new fur that growing back.

Stewie & his brother, Chester Molester!


I wanted to do something special for my pawrents and so I came up with the “Top 10 Reasons Why A Dog Should Become A Super Tripawd!” I figured this should make them smile…

🐾Treats& More Treats!
🐾Only Three Feet to Trim Nails For & only 1 dewclaw!
🐾Tons & Tons Of Belly Rubs
🐾Short walks on lazy days (that’s most days…!)
🐾Priority over my feline brothers & sister! Ha!
🐾Comfy, Padded Harness
🐾Special place of honour in the living room
🐾Air conditioned shave down for hot summer days showing a new stylin’ hair cut!
🐾We make people “Super Hoppy” when they see us!
🐾Most importantly, you become a superstar with your own Tripawds website and blog!

Here are another couple of reasons from Sally & her wonderful alumni… Thank you Sally!😘

*Edited*  “I think you can add a #11: A Tripawd never hears the word “NO” anymore! They can get away with anything, anytime! That means you won’t be called STEWART anymore because your human can never get mad!! 🙂

There is also a #12: Super Stu now has his very own massive SUPER STU FAN CLUB!!! Everyone in your Tripawds family is cheering for you and we are all in your Fan Club! 🙂”        👍👏❤

Rusty & Amy have added #13-#16. Excellent Suggestions Rusty, I can’t believe I forgot these… we may have to revise up to the Top 30!!!

*Edited* Rusty has a few items for the Top 20 list –
#13 Bathtime is shorter! Less shampoo + less scrubbing + less rinsing + less drying time = faster turnaround to treats!

#14 Physical Therapy and daily hops! PT is really just code for more treats and daily hops around the neighborhood are so much fun!

#15 Sneak attacks – Tripawds may look like they are harmless but they are not. (Isn’t that right Stewie’s hedgehog?)

#16 Ampuversaries! Celebrating special days with cake and ice cream and party hats – what’s better than that?

Mister Rusty is still over there yammering on about why Tripawds are the best but I told him we need to let someone else get a turn at the list!” 👍👏❤

*Edited* Jerry’s Pack made an excellent addition…

#17 “Oh and one more to add: One less muddy paw to clean during mud season!”

*Edited* Sally & Alumni have added another genius reason… Thanks Sally! 😆👏

#18 “Its All About Super Stu!!!”

#19 “New and Imoroved Bond Between Fur Babies and Pawrents!” (Thanks Paka Tom!)

#20 “An Endless Amount of Hedgies!” (Thankth Thally!)

Yay we made it to the Top 20… let’s keep it going!

We’re now shooting for the Top 💯 list!


Here are some pictures of me and my awesome people that I spent time with this week… I even got to go on another boat ride on The Toaster! I’m such a lucky fella!

“Me & My People on The Toaster!”

A beautiful day out on The Toaster!

I’m glad my Mum let me write this weeks blog, I was going to nibble ather ankles if she forgot again! Thanks for letting me entertain you, I really enjoy this blog thing… A huge thank you as well to all of the tripawds community, you make my Mum feel really good and she gives me lots of smooches and kisses and soft murmured words after she has finished tapping her little Pad thing with you all…

oh…! I almost forgot to tell you… I caught two Raskety Rats this week! Those Raskety Rodents are always trying to move in at this time of year! My Mum calls them Pack Rats and she says they are kinda cute in a Mickey Mouse sort of way! But I say get rid of them… they smell awful and they’re hoarders! It’s a good thing Hedgegog lets me practice my skills on him, phew! It was exciting, but exhausting work! Who said 3 legs was a disability?!

So until next time, Paws up and keep wagging!
Sloppy kisses from Stewie👅🐾
& all the very best from his adoring pack! 🐾🐾🐾❤

Stewie & his feline family

under: Living the life of a Tripawd, Post-Surgery

Feeling like his old self again!

So here we are into Stewie’s fifth week and what a great week it’s been!

The fact that it has been a pretty uneventful week is fantastic!

Last Tuesday, Stewie went in for his blood work, to check on the level of his white blood cells. (the information is a little bit over my head…) Essentially, if there was a major change, we would have to knock back the amount of Carboplatin he will get tomorrow. (Tuesday) His numbers came back the same, so we are going ahead with the full dose tomorrow, being his 2nd round. I’m hoping for minimal side effects, if any, like the last dose.

Most importantly, Stewie was more back to himself this week… He played with his Hedgehog, scrunched his squeaky toys and even had a short game of Tug of War with Dad! Here’s the video below.

It has been a good week in regards to Stewie’s eating habits too. He doesn’t tend to want breakfast anymore, but he hops happily over to eat his lunch & supper. He is quite happy really, because he gets an additional scoop of canned dog food on top of his boring old (good for you) kibble now!

Stewie’s surgical site is healing really well. 1/2 of the scrabbing has come off and the area where he was licking is much improved, especially as his fur gets longer.

I think the best part of the week for me though, was when I arrived home from a day long road trip to the big city. Stewie came running excitedly up the driveway to greet me! That is something we haven’t seen in at least 2 months! How bloody lovely it was to see my boy acting  like his old self assured, handsome buggar that he is!

“I can hear those Squirrels!”

So until next week, keep happily hopping around and all the best to everyone.

Sloppy kisses from Super Stu🐾, Mum, Dad & his feline pack,

Sr. Spike🐾 Chester Molester🐾 & Miss Lily🐾

p.s. Stewie was sulking when he found out that I wrote his blog this week! 😏 I forgot that I had promised him that it would be his turn again! He won’t let me get away with that one again!

under: Living the life of a Tripawd, Post-Surgery

Hanging out with Mum.

Paul & I are feeling really blessed as this week rolls around. Stewie is now 1 Month past his amputation! 👏👍❤️

At the beginning of this very difficult journey, before we even considered the amputation for Stewie, we were faced with only 4-6 weeks, before we had to put him to sleep, due to the extensive pain he would have been in right now.
We are celebrating LIFE with Stewie now, rather than grieving for our boy, who we would have had too short a life with! We know that we haven’t beaten the Osteosarcoma, but we feel that we have at least conquered it for a while. None of us ever know for how long, but we feel incredibly fortunate to have been given this chance with our fur baby!

“I’m looking for the gophers with my Dad!”

Stewie’s fourth week after amputation has gone really well. He has shown us that he is adjusting quite well to becoming a Tripawd. He centres his right front leg more and I can see that it is buffing up nicely with a little extra muscle. He quite enjoys being able to surf in the back of his truck again, with is head sticking out the window, while he try’s to keep his tongue from being blown away! 👅😁

I have only been feeding Stewie twice a day now and he is hungry again for his food and will stand up and eat it, like his old self!
The funniest thing this last week was when he tried to catch the gopher out of our woodpile! His front leg and belly were to the ground, while his arse was sticking up in the air. His nose was going crazy and if I hadn’t of put him in the house, he would’ve circled that woodpile till he dropped! 🐭😤
That was his first foray back into his guard duties, otherwise, being a couch potato puts a bit of a damper on the fun of chasing away those tough deer 🦌 and those bully bears 🐻!
Stewie still gets very tired after very short walks and he tends to do most of his licking of his scar after these outings for pees and such. Otherwise he is licking far less and his scar is looking really good, plus his fur is starting to grow back nicely.

On Tuesday he goes in for blood work, to see where his white blood cells sit and then the following week, he gets his second blast, of Carboplatin chemotherapy.
I am most proud of Stewie and how far he has come this week. He really has shown how incredible dogs are at bouncing back from whatever we throw at them!
Like the Tripawds motto says… “I now feel good about what I have done for him”, rather than “good lord, what have I done to him!”

Thanks once again to the Tripawds community for being such a good support system and an excellent source of information!
Stewie tells me that he will be writing his next blog, to catch you all up on how his trips to the vet clinic go this next week.

Until then, keep your paws up and have a super Hoppy August Long Weekend! (at least it is up here in Canada! 🇨🇦)
All the very best from Super Stewie 🐾 and his pack,
Petra, Paul, Spike 🐾, Chester🐾 & Miss Lily🐾❤️

“What missing leg?!”

under: Recovery

Hello Tripawd fans,

Stewie is now coming to the end of his third week into recovering from his left front leg amputation. It has been a roller coaster of highs and lows, but we have made it through the worst of it I believe…

Stewie has been incredible! He has allowed us to totally turn his world upside down and continues to trust us enough to help him heal by putting needles into him on  regular basis (Chemo & blood work now), constantly telling him not to lick, poking and prodding at an area that is obviously tender and the list goes on… He’s been a trooper through it all! (I myself would have bitten a few people by now!) He’s a true gentleman!

Paul & I have managed pretty well also. The hardest part was finding the right balance between us, in allowing Stewie to do things on his own. Because I am the main caregiver in the home, I, like many other Tripawd parents, have been terribly afraid of Stewie falling and hurting himself further. Paul on the other hand, let’s Stewie do what he wants to do, such as going downstairs independently or jumping onto things when he can.

Stewie has shown us what his limits are. He has done everything we have asked or allowed him to do, but if it has been too much, it shows at nights when he is super uncomfortable. Then we know that we have to slow him down.

I find myself focusing on Stewie’s future more now and not on the fact that we have taken away some of his independence. I see less of his ‘missing leg’ and more of the strength that he is gaining in his three remaining legs!

So please read on, into Super Stu’s 3rd week as a Tripawd Hero…!

Tuesday, July 25th,
Day 15 at home…

“What a week dude!”

Stewie was already outside when I got up at 8am. Paul said he had taken a pee and a poo by himself! (I do get excited over the weirdest things!)
He ate breakfast of 1 cup of kibble with a small can of k/d cat food. Stewie ate a great lunch too. A whole cup of kibble and a bit of chicken sprinkled in.
Stewie went into the vets and had all of his stitches taken out and what a very good boy he was. Even though he was shaking afterwards. He was exceptional when they had to draw blood and for the IV that delivered the Carboplatin chemotherapy into his blood stream.
The blood sample is used as a marker, to see where his white blood cells are in two weeks. If they are too low, then the chemo has to be knocked back slightly.
#2 chemo session is in 3 weeks.
He still needs to wear his t-shirt, as the place on his scar that had the Seroma draining, is the last section to heal. (I found an errant stitch that was forgotten. (I haven’t the guts to take it out myself, so we’ll get it taken care of when we go into town next)
He went home and had a really good sleep in the basement and then ate a good supper of kibble & 1/2 small can of a/d.
Still licking…

Wednesday , July 26th,
Day 16 at home…

Happy hanging out!

Stewie was up and outside by 7:30am, more like his normal self!


He didn’t have his Meloxicam this morning, so I will give it to him at bedtime.
He had really good rests down in the basement today.
A late lunch, but a good one… kibble & 3/4 can of pedigree dog food.
After supper we were sitting outside and we changed Stewie’s shirt. I was giving his belly a rub and then we put a fresh shirt on. From that point on, he was obsessively licking the scar around where the Seroma was. He seemed to be in pain , the way he was panting & licking.
I went to bed once he had stopped frantically licking.

Thursday , July 27th,
Day 17 at home…

I thought he had settled down, but when I got up this morning, he had ripped holes in his shirt in order to get at his sore spot! I am now leaving his shirt off, as it obviously doesn’t stop him from licking or chewing for that matter!

“I feel a little naked right now!”

I am going to call the vets this am and ask what to do…
Dr. Bill suggested that it was in-growing hairs & if I have any cream with cortisone in it, I should use that. Unfortunately, I don’t have any.
He is downstairs resting right now… he hadn’t touched his breakfast until I hand fed him.
Paul & I went down to the lake for a couple of hours and when we got back. I hand fed his lunch and he came upstairs to hang out.
The only way I could get him to stop licking was to give him a belly rub and a good brushing on his right side.
He was hand fed his supper and his Meloxicam at 9pm.

Friday , July 28th,
Day 18 at home…

 I was up at 7:30am. Stewie was laying quietly and his scar doesn’t look so angry today. He doesn’t appear to be as obsessed over it either.
He slept most of the day in the basement. It is in the low 40’s (Celsius) these days, so he sticks to the cool spots.
He still insists on going downstairs by himself, but I do watch and tell him to go easy.
He came upstairs at 5:30 looking for supper and ate it standing up like his old normal self!

“I’m feelin’ a little more like myself again!”

Saturday  , July 29th,
Day 19 at home…

Stewie was up and relaxing outside this morning, like his usual self. He came in and willingly waited and stood to eat his breakfast.
At lunch time I gave him half of what I would normally give him. He hasn’t been all that active, so I think it’s time to start thinking about his weight management. I would rather see him hungry and willing at all meal times.
After lunch we decided that today was the day that Stewie would come boating with us! As usual, I was the worry wart, wondering how we were going to manage to get Stewie first into the UTV and then onto the boat… As is his usual style he excelled at both! He jumped up onto the back of the UTV like an old pro and again onto the Toaster!

A Day on The Toaster with Mum & Dad!

He was thoroughly exhausted by the time we got home. I hope we didn’t push it… he definitely enjoyed his day with us though.

Sunday , July 30th,
Day 20 at home…

He had a much better day today, we let him rest as much as he wanted…
He didn’t eat his supper until 8pm and then settled down like a normal dog! Lovely to see!

Relaxed & feelin’ okay…

Monday, July 31st,
Day 21 at home…

What a great day with Stewie!
He was up early and went straight outside to do his business, like a normal day! He was quite happy with himself… probably because Mother was jumping for joy at a normal life function! Ha! We don’t realize how much we miss these daily functions until they are not functioning anymore! I know I’ve been there! 😝😆
We had an appointment booked for the afternoon, to get Stewie’s single stitch out! (There were so many to take out last week, this one was hidden!)
Plus I wanted the doctor to take a look at the itchy spot to make sure nothing was going on there.
On the drive to town, I took the chance and sat in the front seat of our truck, leaving Stewie in the back by himself. (this was a big deal for me!) He once again, outdid my expectations and steadied himself with no problem, the whole way, even surfing around corners like the old pro he is! He loved it! His head was sticking out the window, hair blowing in the wind, it was a beautiful site to see in my side mirror!
He went into the vets office, no problem and he eventually got up onto the scale… He is now at 49.2kg. (Down 1.6kg) Dr. Bill is not concerned with his downsized diet, he is after after all doing far less activity than he normally would! Everything else looks great and I can stop the Meloxicam all together. Yay, no more pills!
Stewie would normally get to walk the Streets of our little town, getting all the fame & glory! But today, he had to be satisfied with just the driveby’s!
He didn’t care, he was just happy to be sticking his head out the window, watching the world go by!
He came home and gobbled down his supper! Yet another triumph for the day!

Mum is so proud of her boy!

Well that’s Stewie’s blogs caught up to date finally!

Thank you to everyone who has persevered through my story books of our Super Tripawd Hero, Stewie! We are amazed at how far he has come in such a short time.

All the very best and until next time…

❤ Stewie, Petra, Paul, Spike, Chester & Miss Lily 🐾🐾🐾🐾

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Hi Tripawd friends,

here is Stewie’s two week update. A slightly easier, but no less challenging of a week…

Tuesday, July 18th,
Day 8 at home…

When I went downstairs to get Stewie up, he did not want to stand up at all. Eventually he came out, went pee and whimpered some more when laying down.
His T-shirt is completely dry this morning, but still a pocket of fluid sitting underneath.
I did manage to get some breakfast in him, but he doesn’t want to drink much. Turning away from treats.
By one o’clock we saw no improvement in his demeaner, so we decided to take him in. An appointment is made for 4:30pm.
Dr. Bill came out, checked Stewie’s temperature, which was slightly elevated. He then “milked” (drained) a small amount of fluid. Dr. Laurie checked his pulse, which was normal.
It’s possible that Stewie is taking a little longer to heal because he is such a big, furry dog. We are having super hot days (low 40’s Celsius) and he just needs more time.
He certainly perks up for the Dr.s!
Stewie didn’t eat very much supper, so he didn’t get a Meloxicam.
He would whimper when trying to move around and is definitely not himself today. He went downstairs and slept for a few hours.

I brought him up after a pee and put him to bed.
He fell into the first restful sleep all day.

Wednesday , July 19th,
Day 9 at home…

Stewie had a super restful sleep last night. Only getting up a couple of times to change positions.
He had a 1/2 cup of his kibble and 1/2 a can of AD.
He seems to be in better spirits today. Not licking at his wound half as much.
I saw Dr. Laurie when I picked up Stewie’s food and she recommended putting Stewie in the 1/2 Gabapentin in the mornings.
When I arrived home from town, Stewie happily greeted me at the door for the first time in a long time! He even stood to drink his own water! He didn’t fancy his lunch though.
He did however eat his supper. 1/2 a cup of kibble & half a can of AD.
Far more relaxed and comfortable looking this afternoon. Far less whimpering.

Stewie hanging out with his Uncles!

Thursday, July 20th,
Day 10 at home…

Stewie spent the first night on his own last night and although he moved around a few times, he seemed to have slept without a problem.

This morning I convinced him to eat 1/2 a cup of kibble with 1/2 a can of the AD. Along with half a Meloxicam.

He went pee as normal but when encouraged to do so and even went and had a pretty normal poo!

He seems to be the most uncomfortable after moving around, but settles down fairly quickly.

His wound looks really good today. The fluid seems to have dissipated fairly well and there is only a small amount of redness towards the bottom.

He is up & about more often by his choice today, wanting to greet people by the door, etc.
He didn’t want to eat lunch again today. But did eat his supper. I guess with not moving around so much, he wouldn’t have a huge appetite.

Friday , July 21st,
Day 11 at home…

Stewie had a good nights rest and slept in till 10am!
He had his pill with breakfast, 1/2 cup of kibble & 1/2 can of a/d.

We had him to the vets for 11:30am. His old friend (part time technician) Janine, was super happy to see him and sang her old song to him. When Stewie lived in Nakusp, he used to go to Janine’s and knock on her door, for his visits!
Dr. Bill checked Stewie out. His temp and colour is normal and his wound is healing enough that his stitches can come out on Tuesday. He will start his first chemotherapy session then as well.
We left him in the cool basement for the afternoon.

Happy hanging out!

Thankfully, the next few days have been fairly unremarkable…

Stewie has been eating some of his meals by himself, otherwise he is loving the hand fed attention I think! He is going to do his #2 business by himself, which we are both pretty happy to report on! And he goes downstairs when he wants. Sometimes he even comes and asks for help. I’m all over him like a mother hen, making sure he learns to go slowly.

He is such a very smart boy!

Californian Surfin’ Dude!

Pawsitive thoughts and love to all, from Super Stewie’s pack!

Petra, Paul, Spike, Chester & Miss Lily xx🐾🐾🐾🐾


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Wednesday, July 12th
Day 2 at home…

Ruff night! Stewie was very restless for most of the night, especially between 12-4am. I had tried to take him for a pee at midnight, but all he did was take me around the house and back to bed.
I gave him an additional additional T3 to settle him down… we went for another pee at 4am and then he finally slept.

“Feeling a little under the weather…”

I had noticed that the bandage was starting to show signs of fluids that must be coming out of his wound area. It looked like the clear fluid that should be draining. I emailed Dr’s Bill and Laurie informing them of a Stewie’s progress.
Dr. Bill confirmed my thoughts on the wound drainage and told me that I could bring Stewie in for a dressing change tomorrow, rather than the appointment that is booked for Friday. I will check again tomorrow.

Drainage is starting to soak through…

His panting and whimpering went on for another hour and then he got up to go past the living room gate. So I got him all lined up and took him outside. He ran me over to the bushes for a really long piddle. Poor boy probably had to go for a while & I wasn’t listening! He’s just settled back down again. Phew!

We keep his harness on full time right now thank goodness. Then I attach his  extendable lead, locked in position and then we trot onwards. Man I love this dogs spirit! He’s got an incredibly strong character, I don’t know how he’s doing it?!

Thursday, July 13th
Day 3 at home...

Stewie had a much better night.he woke up and turned himself around a few times, but otherwise a sound sleep! Which means Mother got a much better sleep too!
Went outside, under his own steam and had a REALLY long pee. Unfortunately, no poo. He Didn’t want anything to eat first thing.

Nice cool grass!

Stewie didn’t seem right later in the morning. He didn’t want to go very far and was very lethargic. He Refused to eat more than a couple of bites of steak. Very concerning. Called vets and took him in at 11:30am

Stewie had a build up of fluid around the surgical site. Dr. Bill took a stitch out and drained quite a bit of fluid. I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with the dressings, I would have been freaked out to see that, even though I knew it was a common thing to happen.
He even had a small poo while he was at the vets. Very dry, but movement none the less. We all celebrated!
When we got home, he went downstairs very cautiously, with Paul’s help. He slept nearly 6 hours! We woke him up to a steak dinner, which he gobbled up, then he literally galloped outdoors to go pee! Super Stu!

Crashed out at about 11pm.
So far he hasn’t slept on his left side since the drain…

Friday, July 14th
Day 4 at home

Stewie & I slept in until 7:30am. We had a pretty quiet night, although he yelped a couple of times while trying to change positions. I believe it is due to the surgical sight having all that fluid drained out and now he can feel more of the incision maybe?

He did eat a little bit of left over burger and a few slices of summer sausage, but wasn’t ready for his steak at 8:30am.
He was outside for a bit, but then asked to go downstairs while I went to town for a few hours, Stewie slept in the basement the whole time I was gone. (4 hours) He had to be convinced to get up, But he did eat his steak when I got back home.

Feeling a bit sorry for himself…

He is back to laying more on his left side…

I had to use a syringe to get a little bit of watered down pumpkin into him. He was not happy with me at all! Even tried growling at me, little buggar.
Got him out side for a pee. No poo yet today.

I called DR. Laurie @ 7pm. I told her that Stewie is back to being super lethargic. He’s eating only steak & chicken and not unless he is urged to do so, even then I have to sometimes walk away, as he doesn’t trust me anymore. It’s the pill thing…

I am to stop the T3’s immediately, changing to extra strength Tylenols instead, no more than 3 per day. Also stop the Meloxicam for now…

He is far more lethargic this evening. I did convince him to eat summer sausage with chicken. He is exhausted!

I am to call tomorrow (Saturday) at 12:15pm and report in Stewie’s progress. I think we will have to go in…

Saturday , July 15th
Day 5 at home

Super restless night. Changing positions often. Light whimpering occasionally. He woke me up at 1:30am asking to go out. The first thing he does is go to lie on his bed. With a little persistence, he will go for a pee, but no poo. He wants to come right back indoors.
His right forearm very itchy, constantly licking when I’m not looking. Even with the light wrap I put on it.

Dr. Laurie phoned on Stewie’s progress and asked to see him at 12:30pm

Dr. Laurie drained the site again. Slightly concerned that it is not draining by itself. She took another stitch out, more towards the bend of the scar. The top of his scar looks lovely and already starting to heal. Appointment made for Tuesday at 3pm.
Dr. Laurie noticed that he is gaining good strength in his legs.

Didn’t eat his chicken. But he did eat the tasty dog food (the small can) and some summer sausage.
Stewie slept downstairs with the Evan & Alex. Which means I could sleep in my own bed tonight!

Sunday , July 16th
Day 6 at home

I slept in till 7am. Stewie was whimpering in pain when I went to take him outside. He really didn’t want to walk very far this morning. I barely managed to get his pills in him. Even though he wasn’t fighting me much, he managed to spit out the penicillin onto the rocks, so I had to give him one of his other ones, meaning he is short one pill, out of the 5 days prescription.

I called Dr. Laurie and explained that Stewie was the least energetic that we had seen him so far. Evan said he only got up once that he knew of, but didn’t seem to have any issues. He wasn’t eating anything and he didn’t have much energy at all. Still no poo!
We took him in to the vets for 11:30am.

Dr. Laurie took blood to check white blood cells & liver function etc., but they came back normal. He had let out a good fart (a bloody stinky one too, so I had tried to get him to have a poo. No go. She took off Stewie’s dressing , drained it again, though not as much as yesterday and replaced the dressing with a t-shirt. Then she gave him a human enema, but even that wasn’t going to work! Poor buggar!
Dr. Laurie wanted to keep him with with her for a few hours for observation, she was also going to take him entirely off his meds, to see how they were effecting him. If he wasn’t improved, then she would keep him overnight. She would know more by 5:00pm.

We were able pick him up 6:30pm. Laurie was happier with his wound & drainage. He seemed a lot more perky & he had managed a small poo. He had no temperature, so she also took him off the penicillin.
Laurie showed me how to take off and put on his T-shirt. This would be to stop him from chewing at his stitches. If he licks at the T-shirt, he won’t hurt the wound.
We have switched to a regular collar, rather than his harness right now. It gives him a bit more freedom to figure things out and there would be less friction on his wound.
Stewie is to stay on the Gabapentin, but only 2 x 300mg at bed time.
We have an appointment booked for tomorrow (Monday) for 4:30pm, to check on his progress.
When we got Stewie home, we offered him the left over chicken and kibble that he had refused for breakfast, with an additional (small) can of Hill wet fog food. He gobbled it all down! Then he chewed on his most favourite treat, a chew stick! I was so happy to see him back to a bit of normalcy. (If only for a while.)

Soaking up the love…

He had a really good nap out on the deck for the rest of the evening. It was at about 10pm that he woke up with a bit of a whimper and started to obsessively lick his wound.
We took him to bed and changed his shirt. He was still lick, lick, licking, so I just lay down beside him and gently discouraged him from licking and he then fell into a comfortable sleep at about 10:30pm

Monday, July 17th
Day 7 at home

Stewie’s wound appears to have stopped draining, but it is still rather full. He is under the weather this morning.
He had a really good breakfast of 3/4 cup of kibble mixed with 1/2 a can of Hills AD.
We took him into the vets again where Dr. Laurie checked everything out & recommended 1/2 a Meloxicam, if he eats at least half a cup of kibble for supper. Which he did, mixed with 1/2 a can of AD.
He rested really well that evening and Evan reported no problems during the night.

“What a week dude!”

All the very best from Stewie & his Pack!

Petra, Paul, Spike, Chester & Miss Lily xxx🐾🐾🐾🐾



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Our Boy is Home!!!

We are so relieved!

He was laying out on the grass with Dr’s Laurie & Bill when we arrived at Nakusp Vets.
Surprisingly he was laying on his amputated side. Dr. Laurie said if that’s what he wants to do, let him do it! He was very dopey, but he knew his Mum & Dad had arrived and was just staring at us as we came forward. Our sweet, sweet lovey!

We were given the rundown on what the next few days will involve. We don’t have to worry about changing the dressing until Friday, so he can stay comfortably wrapped up. I was quite relieved about this as I didn’t want to hurt him by messing around with dressings and such. Dr. Bill can do a complete change and get to see how everything is healing. We can give him as much food as he wants, keep it tasty and keep him interested. Lots of bed rest, mixed in with potty breaks to keep things moving and working his muscles.

Stewie has been prescribed Extra Strength Tylenol, Gabapentin and Meloxicam. I already had a weekly pill organizer that was put to good use, to get all of these medications into our boy, at the proper times! It was going to be a chore to say the least!

He is very weak, so until he builds his body up to Tripawds standards, we need to be beside him to offer support. We need to let him get up by himself, but be ready to hang on to his harness, as he is very floppy. I would be screaming bloody murder if I was in his shoes! Can you imagine all these expectations 24 hrs after having your leg chopped off! Bloody hell he is amazing!

When we stood up and told Stewie that it was time to go home, this mad, brave dog jumped up and ran to the truck, very wobbly mind you and Paul had to run to keep up! Bless his huge beautiful spirit! I drove in the back of the truck with our boy on the way home. I didn’t have to tell him when we were coming around our corner, that we were almost home, he’s been doing that trip long enough now that he knows every bend from here to Nakusp by heart!

When we got home, I offered him some roast chicken, but he turned his nose up at it, so I just walked back to the kitchen, not wanting to push it… the next thing I knew, the super-champ was hopping towards me, as if to say, “Hey, I just realized I am famished Mum, get that friggin chicken back here!” I had to run back over there and turn him back around, to settle him back down.

I brought him back about 1/2 a cup of chicken with his two pills, he gobbled the chicken down and I mixed the pills in the chicken juice and shoved the one capsule down his throat very quickly. Meanwhile I am telling Paul to hurry up and get more chicken, this boy is famished! By the time Paul got over to us, he had gobbled the Tylenol 3 down, like it was a candy! That’s the trick! Ha!

After another half a cup of chicken was gobbled down, he had a small drink of water. I was very happy to get that kind of response from him, so shortly after his surgery! 24hrs has already gone by! Only 312 hours to go until he should be feeling like a normal Tripawds again! He had a really good rest after that!


So it was about 4:30pm, when Paul & I stepped outside, to go and water the gardens and my flowers. When I came back in which wasn’t more than 5 minutes, our boy was standing at the door, like he always has, wanting to join us out there! (Paul forgot to put the gate up.) Talk about me almost having a heart attack! That’s all we bloody need, is for him to fall on his surgical side! But we brought him outside to have a pee. He was exhausted after that. He slept pretty hard for a few hours.

He has told us a couple of times that he has needed to go pee, so Paul & I are switching off taking him out. I said to Paul that we were going to have beefed up arms over the next little while, but our backs are going to be screwed!

So for supper Mr. Stewie had a BBQ steak, which Daddy had picked up especially for our boy! (5 of them actually) & pepperoni for dessert! He will get some more chicken as a bed time snack, to get his meds in him, so that we can dose him up for a good nights rest. (Hopefully!)

He is panting constantly and the occasional whimper. I’m going to sleep beside my boy in the living room tonight and probably for the next few nights, just in case he needs us. I’m terrified of him falling onto his side!

We are discovering that our heavy weight Champion, hops faster than I can can keep up. We’ll be running a bloody marathon together by the time we’re done! We’d do just about anything to get our boy through this though.

I can’t even think about complaining when I’ve watched what my boy has gone through, with barely a whimper! My brave proud boy! I keep telling him that we are NEVER going to leave him behind. His pack will wait for him to catch up ALWAYS!

Wishing everyone the best.

Super Stewie, Petra, Paul, Spike, Chester & Miss Lily. 🐾🐾🐾🐾


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Super Stu’s Surgery Day

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Monday, July 10th – Surgery Day!

Today is the big day! Stewie had to be woken up at 6am to get his medication. Poor lad was looking at me like I was crazy. He never eats that early! It took rolling his pill pockets in cat food, in order to get the pills down him. He’s on to me!

Both Paul & I are very quiet today, totally wrapped up in our own thoughts and concerns. I have been writing this journal all morning, just to keep my mind occupied.
The closer we get to town the sicker I am feeling! Please God! Be with Stewie today.

Paul, Stewie and I arrived at the vets at 8:30am. He took care of business like an old pro and came into the vets with us, but then he saw the doctor and said “Oh Crap!” He was high tailin’ it out of there as fast has his poor leg would take him.

We took him into a back kennel after he had been administered a drug to help him vomit. Just in case there was anything left in his tummy. Thankfully nothing came up and he managed to calm down quite a bit. We stayed with him for a few minutes, all 3 of us locked in the kennel together, you can well imagine how it looked…! Then the doctors wanted to get down to business. We hung around just to be sure he got a smooth start and he was on the table getting shaved by 9am.

Paul was very upset that we couldn’t stay with him until he went to sleep, but like Dr. Bill said, they want to concentrate on Stewie without distractions. It’s very hard to explain that the doctors just need to do their job and go into action as soon as possible. Time was of an essence as it was going to be a very long surgery.

We are a half hours drive from our property to the vets and the trip home for Paul and I was introspectively quiet, as we both said our own silent prayers.

We have been told that it is a 2-3 hour surgery, so we have been waiting by the phone, anxiously awaiting the call. It is now 12:30pm and we still haven’t heard from them about our boy!😰

I know that I just need to keep calm and keep in mind that they are not going to call untill he wakes up. This self chat is not working….!😰

By 1:00pm I was going stir crazy. My mind was imagining the worst! Both Paul and I were starting to get snappy with each other from the stress… Understandable, but not nice all the same!

I jumped on the available help line, which was Tripawds. I obviously couldn’t call anyone, as it would tie up the phone line, so I reached out to the incredibly informative site, They have a live chat line with people available to talk to, through out the day. All I needed was the reassurance that he was a really big dog and the surgery would take time. Jerry’s Pack came right on line and assured me that surgeries differ from dog to dog. If I was at all concerned, I should call… so I did!

Thankfully, they had just finished up and Dr. Bill came on the phone. He told me that it had taken longer than expected, and that it had taken 45 minutes for them to shave him down before the surgery even got started. He was breathing on his own and will be kept heavily sedated until tomorrow morning. If he is doing well, he can come home. Dr. Bill did tell me though that he is not out of the woods yet, the next 24 hours are the most critical!

Now I can phone Sam, Kinnie and Anne…! Plus I called Mrs. Brenda. All of Stewie’s important people!

I spent the afternoon replying to all the beautiful Facebook messages, updating all the Stewie supporters on his condition. Then I spent the evening doodling around with Tripawds website and writing Stewie’s first blog! His heading is “Super Stewie’s  journey into becoming a Tripawds hero!”

We are amazed and truly grateful, that our little town of Nakusp has a veterinary clinic that is capable of such a big surgery and a staff that is qualified to do so!
A huge Thanks to Dr. Bill Sones, Dr. Laurie Page, Jackie & Lori

Thanks DR.s Bill Sones & Laurie Pate and their fantastic assistants Jackie and Laurie.

The team that saved Stewie’s life!


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Our Mountain Dog!

You may have met our boy “Super Stu!” In his previous blogs. He is our beautiful Bernese/Rottweiler cross and he is now 7 1/2 years old. He joined our family in 2015, when he was 5 years old and we hoped to spend another 5 good years with this beautiful, smart & loyal companion.

The decisions that have had to be made on behalf of our gentle giant have been both painful and taxing on us all, but we believe that we have made and will continue to make, the right choices for him. Our fears, doubts and concerns will be a thing of the past once we can get our boy through this very difficult journey to becoming a Tripawd Hero!

Here is Stewie’s story from the point when we found out that he had Osteosarcoma…

Diagnosis > Prognosis.

Wednesday, July 5th
We took Stewie into the vets to see why he was limping for the last two weeks & progressively getting worse.
Dr. Bill noticed a swelling in his front left forepaw. An X-ray showed that Stewie has Osteosarcoma in the largest bone in his forearm. We could see it plain as day on the film. A section of the bone was essentially shattered! So very painful!

He told us that this disease in incurable and if we don’t amputate, then we will have to euthanize in 4-6 weeks due to the massive pain that he will be in!
Our first reaction was, God no, we can’t take his leg off! We were sent home with lots of pain medication to see him through, basically putting him into palliative care!
Of course when we got home, we were still in shock and were trying to come to terms with the fact that we only had a few weeks left with our boy! We then started our research and discovered (just as Dr. Bill had said) that if we amputate, Stewie’s pain will be gone, 100%! Plus, we would more than likely have him around for another 4-6 months, before the disease mastized to his lungs.
If we choose chemotherapy on top of that we MAY (or may not) give Stewie another year, possibly 2.
We decided that the next day, we would get an X-ray of Stewie’s lungs & make our next decision from there.


Thursday, July 6th
Stewie can no longer put any weight on his leg. We can now see the very subtle signs that indicate the pain that he is in. We have also discovered that dogs are exceedingly good at hiding their pain. An instinctual habit that keeps them from being left behind by the pack. We were more determined than ever!
We were blessed with a clear picture of both of Stewie Lungs. We decided right there and then to schedule Stewie for his surgery and when that is over with and his stitches come out, he will start his Chemo. A minimum of 4 sessions…  a maximum of 6.
Stewie’s amputation surgery is scheduled for Monday, July 10th.


Our beautiful boy!

Friday, July 7th
Stewie seams to be handling his medications. They appear to be relaxing him and keeping him relatively comfortable.

We are trying to stay strong for him and not show him that we are distressed, but it is super hard not to cry when we think of the future that is in store for him!

Saturday, July 8th
Today we had a party and a friend brought her dog over. We had planned on keeping Stewie in the house, but he was getting too stressed out at being left alone inside the house. We brought him out to meet his new friend and both dogs did great. They really wanted to play together and it was a bit of a chore to get them to finally kick back and relax. To say the least we all had a busy day and Stewie was exhausted, but our boy got to hang out like a normal member of the family, so I was happy about that.

Sunday, July 9th
We spoiled our boy rotten today. He had whatever he wanted. We tried however to leave him in the basement, when we went down to the beach, but he was not going to be left behind! So he and I trudged slowly down to the dock, me supporting Stewie with his harness. Big job, but we got there. He was just happy to be with us!
On a whim, we decided to go out for an hour on the Toaster. Just as we were heading off, his favourite person, Anne showed up. Perfect timing! Stewie thoroughly enjoyed his day out!
For supper Stewie had steamed cod & kibble. He got a really good brushing from Mum, thoroughly soaking up the attention!

Stewie is ready for his big day!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day and a new beginning for all of us…

Watch for the continuation of Stewie’s journey into becoming a Tripawd Hero.

Super Stu!

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Stewie’s Life With The Allen Clan &

The Discovery Of Osteosarcoma.


"Such a lucky dog"!

Super Stewie in Paradise!

Hi, my name is Petra & I’m Stewie’s Mum. Stewie’s Dads name is Paul and he has feline brothers called Spike & Chester and a sister named Miss Lily.

if you didn’t already check out Stewie’s previous blogs “Meet Stewie Prior To His Life With The Allens”, he asked that you do so, ’cause he is very proud of his puppy pictures! (like his sister, Miss Lily, he’s a bit of a primadonna!)

Stewie is now a 7 year old Bernese/Rottweiler/Retriever cross. One of the most loyal, loving and intelligent dogs my husband & I have ever known! (& I’ve known some pretty wicked dogs in my life!) We are full supporters for adoption and if we could house all of the strays in our area, we would. We have however, limited ourselves to 3 cats and a dog to round off our splendid family unit. We don’t have human babies, so we surround ourselves with the unconditional love of the four (& soon to be 3!) legged fur babies.

Stewie had a pretty unstable and undisciplined life, in many different homes, before coming to ours. He was always being sent back to his original Mom, time and time again. We won the jackpot when Stewie became part of our family!

Stewie became a part of the Allen Clan in April of 2015. We decided to adopt Stewie, after knowing him in & around our small town in British Columbia. We had recently lost our beautiful girl Abbey, a great Pyranese, who had passed away due to brain cancer

Even though we had met Stewie a few times (and fell instantly in love with his character) at the General store, in our little town of Nakusp, where one of his Aunties and his original Mom worked, we had heard horror stories about how vicious he was and that he had attacked numerous animals, etc.

We were a little anxious due to the fact that we had two (at that time) cats at home whom we were extremely protective of. But I love dogs and I had been a mobile dog groomer in the past. I felt that we had the right frame of mind and the right attitude to turn Stewie around and give him a dogs’ dream home for the rest of his life.

“Stewie & Chesters Nap Time!”

I figured Stewie and I were going to be heading into 3 months of “good dog” boot camp. But Stewie showed us just how much he wanted to stay in this new piece of paradise in the Kootenay mountains… he was nothing but a gentleman. It didn’t take long for him to stop being fixated on the little creatures that would prowl around him at all hours of the day and in a very short time, became best friends with our 3 year old redhead, named Chester.

Spike’s making sure Dad feeds him first!

Our 18 year old Main Coon, called Spike, was another story! Ha! As much as Stewie wanted to be friends, Spike just told him that “there were certain feline rules that Stewie must follow, but wouldn’t be given those rules until he breaks them!” And when that happens Spike Himself would take care of the situation! Ha! (to this day Stewie will prefer to take the long way around, rather than pass through that gauntlet!)

"I am feline, hear me roar!"

Stewie’s sister Miss Lily!

Miss Lily, our adopted, two year old flame point Siamese arrived in October of 2016, he didn’t even have to be told to make a wide birth around this little Madame!

Stewie is 100%, the most perfect boy in the world! We have no fences around our property and tons of wild life. So the temptation for a dog to want to roam (like our disa-Pyrenees!) and chase after the deer, coyotes and bears, is huge! But Stewie showed us right from the start, that if he was going to do a good job of protecting us, he would definitely need to stay close to home.

When Stewie first arrived, Paul & I could hop in the car and leave Stewie to guard the house while we were gone. But that summer, we went to Calgary to visit family and attend a wedding. We decided not to take Stewie with us, as we weren’t totally sure at this point yet, how he would be with our families children and lots of other dogs.
Up until this point he had shown aggression with other dogs, so we decided that it would be best to leave him with his original Mum (Aunty Sandy) for the few days that we would be gone.

When we picked up our boy on the way home, he did a double take and started running circles around the house! Literally! He did the track 3 times and then came and fell into our laps! He was so wound up happy, he needed to run off all the excessive energy before he could greet us properly!

“Anywhere You Go, I Go!”

We were never able to leave him home alone again…! The times that we tried, he chewed the bannister and pulled the curtains down on the front door! So from then on forward, it was ‘Me & You & a Dog Named Stu!’ We didn’t mind most of the time. He is a super sociable dog with humans and loves been the star of the show wherever we go! He especially loves his boat ride and is the Captains Mate on The Toaster!

Many people knew our Stewie, prior to becoming a permanent member of the Allen Clan, but they knew him as the “beautiful but troublesome dog. But he has shown all of them that the dog they knew before, was nothing like this new and improved Stewie. He has made many new and steadfast friends.

Stewie's extended family

Stewie’s People

The summers are an issue for our heavy coated boy though. We can reach temperatures of 40 degrees C in the summer and it would be lovely if we could leave him in our basement, where it is way cooler. But he is our fur baby, so if we are going to be out for an extended time, his Favorite Person, Anne, spoils him rotten and he doesn’t mind at all! He really loves his road trips though so we don’t mind bringing our boy along.

You never realize what benefit it is to have a fur baby that listens, until you need it the most. When dealing with a sick 110lb dog, it is critical, as you know to have them stay, stand and other simple commands. Even more so now that I need to ask my boy to wait for me to open doors, to stop licking, to get shoes on to go outside (Mum puts shoes on, Stewie doesn’t.), or to simply just stay and rest. He exceeds at this!

My husband Paul has formed a very special bond with our Stewie boy and to see the two of them together, makes me smile when I think of how Stewie has got Daddy wrapped right around his big paws!

Dad loves his Boy!

A Day Out On The Toaster

Super Stu’s Cancer story began a couple of months ago. (but it was not immediately clear that we had a major problem on our hands.) it was late into the evening & I noticed Stewie obsessively licking his front left leg. I thought it was a bug bite as he has experienced that before and it appeared to me to be the same behaviour.
I rubbed some Benadryl over the area, even though I couldn’t see anything definitive, and cooled it off with a damp towel. He must of tried to get through that towel for 2 hours,  with me gently telling him to stop licking. He finally collapsed into exhausted sleep. He seemed perfectly normal the next day!

Then a couple of weeks ago he started with a limp. We thought it was his shoulder, as he had had issues with that area in the past. But when the limp started getting worse instead of better, we decided to go & see his doctor…

On Wednesday, July 5th 2017, we were given the news that changed our lives with our boy forever! Most of you know that feeling of devastation that we felt, when we were given the horrifying news that we were going to lose our loverboy in 4-6 weeks due to Osteosarcoma, If we didn’t amputate his limb. The reason that we would have to euthanize at that point would be due to the extreme pain that our boy will be in by that time!
My husbands first reaction was an absolute “No” to the amputation, “how could we possibly do that to him?!” We were thinking very humanlike!…

After many hours of tears flowing, internet research and talk, talk, talking… We decided to have an X-ray taken of Stewie’s lungs the next day and see what our chances were for proceeding with the next step? At the very least, we needed to seriously consider the surgery to amputate Stewie’s front leg. It would be the only way to alleviate his immediate pain and at the very least, it could give us 4-6 months with our boy, rather than the all too soon, 4-6 weeks.

So the following day, we took some pictures of Stewie’s lungs and they came out beautifully clear! (for the time being!🤞) So then the next big question to the vet, was to ask if we could schedule Stewie’s surgery for the amputation. The sooner the better in our mind!

We are scheduled for Monday July 10th 2017. We have a ton of support from family and friends and even people we’ve never met, it’s all very humbling! Our focus is on the next two weeks, helping our boy back into the new world of Tripawds and even though we are keeping a stiff upper lip for our boy, we are also terrified! Fear & doubt played hugely on our minds! I can’t explain the horrifying nightmares I have had since we made the decision to amputate!

It has been a tough day anticipating what’s to come over the next few days. But knowing that I have my husbands support, (he has a heart the size of Jupiter,) I realize that with the right attitude we can all get through this with flying colours! As my dear old Uncle Brian used to say, Stewie is a “Right Champion!”

I have been relying heavily on information on this incredible site for Tripawds! ( You have all been incredibly helpful and we so appreciate it! I have already started receiving word of encouragement from some of your members and it is incredibly comforting to know that all of you have “been there, done this”! Your words and information are invaluable!

I will continue to tell Stewie’s story, but it may be in a few days when we all have our proverbial feet back on the ground!

Thanking you 0n behalf of my family, but especially on behalf of our Super Stu Tripawd Hero!


The Allen Clan!

All the very best from The Allen Clan
Petra, Paul, Stewie, Spike, Chester and Miss Lily xxxxx.

🇬🇧 🐾

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